10 Great Sites for Finding Free Icons, Graphics and Images

Not everyone creating a website or blog is a graphic designer or has the resources to hire one to work on their website. Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there that give you excellent options for downloading free icons and graphics that you can use to decorate, design and create your website.

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Since there are so many of these types of websites out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some of the best website to browse when looking for high quality and easily scalable icons and images for your website.

1. Find Icons

The best thing about Find Icons is the fact that it’s so easy to search when you are looking for something very specific. You can search all of the images and icons in the database by color, style and background style in order to find the perfect match for your site’s design.

2. PSD Graphics

If you are looking for graphics that are already prepared and ready for you to edit in Adobe Photoshop, this site is ideal. There’s a huge variety of graphics and images that you can download and use for free, and best of all, most of the images and icons are already created in the PSD file format so that you can open them and edit them with easy before applying them to your website.

3. Icon Archive

One problem with this site is that it really isn’t that well organized and that there are a lot of low quality images to go with the better quality ones. However, the search function is impressive, which allows you to easily sort through the site and find what you are looking for exactly. You can search according to color, size, style, background color and the site also offers you four different sizes of PNGs to download depending on the image quality that you need.

4. FreePik

There’s a lot more than icons to find here at FreePik. You will be able to find some great icon packs, but the site also offers banner designs and many other visual assets that can help you to create a website, presentation, or even a print magazine with free, high quality images.

5. Fontello

This is a different type of website. Instead of just giving you free fonts, images and icons, this site lets you create your own from scratch. You can pick the type of icons you want, change their size and then download the icons to your computer. You can do the same with fonts and download a webfont bundle that will be ready for use on your website.

6. Icon Finder  

IconFinder is pretty much a search engine that is designed to help you find cool, free icons. The interface is great, which makes it very easy to use. All you need to do is type in a keyword and then scroll through a list of icons and images that the search generates for you. All of the images you find can easily be downloaded to your computer.

7. Socialico

No matter what type of website you are creating, you are going to have to integrate a social media aspect into it. This website focuses on icons and images that you can use to link to your social media sites. You can find hundreds of options for all of the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also less popular ones like deviantART.

8. The Noun Project

When it comes to web design today, it seems that simplicity is king. The Noun Project is the perfect site to check out if you are looking for very consistent and minimal designs when it comes to background images and icons. Anyone looking for a neat and modern look for their websites, you should check this out.

9. IconToucan

The interface of this site is what’s really interesting about it. It allows you to very easily take any font, image or icon that you like and simply drag and drop it in order to download it to your computer. Just drag and drop everything you want and then download all of the items conveniently to your computer in the form of a ZIP file.

10. Iconic

Here is another great resource for people who are looking for minimal images, graphics and icons for their websites. The grid system that is used to create the icons makes it easy to work with small and large scale images, depending on what you need.

Lastly, here’s an easy how-to we have written for anyone who needs to convert a PDF to image.