25 Free Online Image Editors

Sometimes designers or other professionals who use photo editing programs catch themselves on the road without their personal computers, and they might have to make some changes to a project or create something on the fly. In these cases, when your Adobe Photoshop is far from reach, you will need another option for editing photos and images.

Thankfully, there are numerous options available for designers who are on the go and need a free and easy way to edit images online. Here are some of the best options available for free online image editing.

1. Photoshop

Thankfully, Adobe offers a free, online version of its Photoshop program that anyone can use from anywhere. Of course, it is not loaded with the same amount of features that the regular version has, but it offers enough basic features to let you work on things while you are away from your personal computer. You can crop, re-size and perform basic touch-ups using the online version, which means that you will have more than enough options to get some basic photo editing done when you are in a bind.

2. Pixlr

This site offers an express version of its program for basic editing like cropping and re-sizing and minor photo effects. The full version of the program is similar to Photoshop, and just like Photoshop’s online version, this will get the job done for you when you are on the go.

3. MyImager

This is one of the sites that will allow you to work with an existing photo via upload or with a photo found at a particular URL. You can also create new images in the program, though you will only have fairly basic editing tools to work with, so it is more for editing existing images than creating something entirely new.

4. Phixr

This is a good site for basic editing for photographs and allows you to do things like remove red eye from a picture, and add camera and lens effects.

5. BigHugeLabs

This is a convenient and easy to use online program if you are having some fun and creating things like CD covers, posters, or online fliers.

6. Lunapic

This tool has one of the largest lists of tools and options available as far as free online image editors are concerned. There are many effects available and you can also create images from scratch here as well using drawing tools and animation options.

7. Picnik

This is a good site because you can integrate it with your photo sharing and storage sites like Flickr, and Photobucket. There are some good features in the free online version that make editing very easy, but the premium version is also very cheap and worth the money, costing only two dollars a month for many added tools and features.

8. Free Online Photo Editor

Nothing fancy, but it does offer all of the basic functions that you will need to do quick edits of images and photos online when you are in a rush and do not have access to any editing programs.

9. PiZap

This is more of a fun photo editing site than a serious one. Here you can add speech bubbles, cutout faces, and fun effects on your personal photos.

10. BeFunky

BeFunky has a pretty huge database of free effects, almost 150 of them, and most of them are simple one-click features that are easy even for amateurs to use.

11. FotoFlexer

This is another site that allows you to take photos directly from your Flickr, Photobucket and Facebook accounts in order to edit them online.

12. FlauntR

You will have to register before using FlauntR, but it does offer great one-cllick editing options and it also can help you out if you are looking to customize your profile pictures for various social networks.

13. Photo505

This one is not very sophisticated, but it does have a lot of easy to use and fun pre-made effects and filters to apply to your photo.

14. Pho.to

This site has all of the usual options like cropping and re-sizing and some arty effects, but the coolest thing about it is that you can instantly make a caricature out of any photo.

15. Phoenix

The Aviary company offers many free tools online, with Phoenix being its online photo editor. The interface is preferred by many designers because it looks a lot like Adobe Photoshop, which is what most of them are most familiar with.

16. OnlinePhotoTool.com

This site allows you to do basic editing, and if you register, then you can save the images at their site as well.

17. WriteOnIt

Another fun and entertaining one, it enables you to make montages, cards, fliers, and things of that nature.

18. Poladroid

The name says it all – you can make your photos look like they were taken with an oldschool Polaroid camera using this site, however, you need to download the free app in order to use it.

19. Pixenate

Another basic editing site that lets you upload all your photos and make basic adjustments, like cropping, resizing and making the images brighter or darker.

20. Image Chef

Other than allowing you to edit your own images, you can use the sketchpad to make new artwork. You can also give your images frames with this tool.

21. 72photos

Another basic service for editing, but the best part is that you can use it as a storage site for your photos, because it gives you 200 MB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth for free.

22. Dr. Pic

Upload your own pics or provide the URL of a picture and use basic editing tools to change and alter the image with this site.

23. Pixer.us

Another site that lets you upload a photo on the move and perform basic editing and touch ups to it.

24. FixPicture

This one includes basic editing tools like cropping and re-sizing, and you can also add effects to improve or decrease the focus or contrast of your pics.

25. Splashup

A very easy-to-use interface allows you to use the tools and features with ease. You can upload and edit photos or create one from scratch with this site.