3 Online Tools for Converting PDF to AutoCAD Formats for Free

AutoCAD is a program that is without a doubt the most popular and best software solution for 2D and 3D design.  Just about every professional architect, engineer, and project manager is well-versed in AutoCAD and uses the program on a daily basis in their profession.

Often people who work in design get plans or ideas for new projects in PDF, since it is one of the most versatile and popular formats for sending all types of documents. Thankfully, there are online tool available that enable you to swiftly and effectively covert PDFs to AutoCAD-compatible formats like DWG and DXF. These are the three best tools for performing such a conversion, and best of all, every one of them is completely online-based and free.

1. PDF to AutoCAD was definitely one of the first online services that offered this kind of conversion, and for free no less. In order to turn your PDFs into AutoCAD compatible DWG or DXF formats, all you need to do is follow these two simple steps:

Find and upload your PDF by clicking the Browse button. If you happen to accidentally upload the wrong PDF, this tool offers you the option to choose another PDF without having to refresh the page. Once you upload your PDF, enter your email address and click Send. After a couple of minutes, you will receive an email with a link to the page where you can download your drawing.

2. Cometdocs, as you know, is our very popular online file conversion service. It converts between many different file formats, and of course, it does PDF to DWG and DFX as well. Because the converter performs a lot of different conversions, there is one extra step involved.

First you select the PDF you want to convert. Then you select the conversion type you want (PDF to DWG or DFX in this case). Next, you enter the email where you want your converted file to be sent, and then you click send to begin the conversion process. A link to your converted file should arrive to your email shortly after.

convert pdf to autocad

3. PDF to DXF  allows users to transform their PDF drawings into an AutoCAD-compatible DFX file format. The service is, like the two above, completely free and boasts great accuracy.  When it comes to conversion process, it works just like PDF to AutoCAD.

All three of these great online tool are not only free, but also give you fast conversions and deliver quality and accurate DWG and DFX files right to your personal email in a matter of minutes.