7 Free Tools for Training and Tutoring People Online

Whether you are a teacher, a tutor or a project manager that needs to train new recruits, you are probably doing a lot of your teaching and training online at this point. The Internet has made it possible for us to instruct and teach people effectively without having to be in the room with them.


In that regard, there are tons of great free tools online that can assist you in making your classes and courses easier and more interesting to people who are presenting them to online. Here are seven excellent tools that anyone can use free of charge when putting together teaching and training materials online.

1. Educaplay

This website is a goldmine for teachers who are looking for interactive resources to help with their teaching work. There’s lots of fun stuff for younger students to use and learn from, such as wordsearch puzzles and other education games, but it also allows you to put together great quizzes and tests if you need to make sure that your students, or even employees, understand the material that they are working on.

2. IDroo

One of the best virtual classrooms that you can use for free is IDroo. It’s basically a great virtual whiteboard that you can use when explaining new concepts to students and employees. It’s just as effective for teachers giving lessons as it is for employers or project managers who are introducing new business tactics and concepts to their staff.

3. Padlet

Padlet is yet another tool that is effective for getting your point across in a variety of settings. It’s a virtual board that is perfect for teachers who want to schedule their classes and tests online and send out announcements to students to remind them of their responsibilities. And it’s also very useful for professionals when trying to coordinate team meetings, deadlines and assignments.

4. Themeefy

This is one of the best collaborative tools, and it’s just as good for teachers who want to collaborate among themselves as it is for providing students with assignments and learning materials. It’s a great place to gather research material and share it with the team, collaborate on ideas by jotting down notes and annotating documents, and publishing your ideas so that everyone can have a look at what you’ve been working on.

5. Animoto

If you want to create videos for either educational purposes or business presentations, Animoto is a great tool to check out. It makes it very easy for amateurs to create excellent video content and share it with people via YouTube, website, blog or even email.

6. 4Teachers

 Anyone looking for a place to create great customizable quizzes for students or trainees should give 4Teachers a try. There’s also a lot of great online teaching resources readily available for free and gives you excellent tools for creating lesson plans and event calendars as well.

7. Jing

Jing is another free software solution similar to Animoto that gives you the ability to create video lessons and presentations easily. It is also a fantastic tool for taking professional looking screenshots when creating how-to’s and instructional videos or presentations, with great annotation features for making your educational content easy to follow.

photo credit: cvconnell via photopin cc