7 Great Task Management Services

Now with more people than ever working on tasks collaboratively in an online setting, it’s getting harder to keep everyone on the same page. Thankfully, there are a plenty of services out now that have been created to help teams work together effectively in such a setting.

Here are seven of the best task management tools that can make collaborating with team members online a lot easier, more manageable and less time consuming and confusing.

1. Do.com

Do.com is one of the most popular services for task management because of its elegantly designed and easy-to-use platform. It allows you to create, assign and track tasks, and the interface is by far the simplest to grasp and start using right off the bat. This service also supports Apple and Android apps that allow you to manage these tasks on-the-go from your smartphone of choice.

2. Teambox

This is one of the best services for working on team projects. It allows you to remotely create tasks, share them and comment on the progress as the project unfolds. Teambox is also a great tool for helping a team stick to their goals and deadlines. Another great feature of Teambox is that it is easily integrated with other collaborative sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Trello

This service is one of the best in terms of organization. If you have a lot of pending projects and you need to organize them by priority and make sure that everything gets done, Trello is one of the best services to use. The drag and drop interface allows you to distribute various attachments to your team with ease and it is yet another service that perfectly syncs with Google Drive – a service just about every collaborative team uses on an everyday basis.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the most-used task management services worldwide, because it is truly international. The service is available in 33 different languages. All created tasks are synced to the cloud and you are able to create a unique link for sharing the project with the people of your team exclusively. This feature is good when you are working on several projects with several different teams at once.

5. Producteev

This service is great because it is a fantastic tool not only for organizing your team, but for organizing yourself as well. It’s one of the best task management services for never forgetting obligations or missing deadlines. If you are someone who likes everything to be neat and supremely organized and filed by date created, date assigned and date due, then Producteev is for you.

6. Gantter

This tool is specially designed with the small business owner or home business in mind. If you are using Microsoft Project for managing tasks and would like to switch over to Gantter, you can export your MPP files and save them in the XML format so that they are more easily shared and able to be saved on Google Drive as well. Gantter enables you to save projects locally or on their cloud servers.

7. Freedcamp 

The best think about this task management service is how customizable it is. Freedcamp offers a lot of tools, but it allows you to pick and choose only the ones you need and use regularly, which helps get rid of any clutter that mike make task management more stressful than it needs to be. You will receive basic apps when you sign up, like a to-do list, milestones and discussions – then will be able to add any other apps you may need in the future.

With so many excellent task management services available now, it’s easy to find one that suits you perfectly and enables you to get your projects finished in a timely and effective manner while avoiding the hassles and stress that collaborations can sometimes entail.