8 Sites For Creating Free Animated Graphs

If you are someone who needs to make graphs and charts very often in your line of work, here’s something that can spice them up a bit. Instead of going with the average diagrams that you have been using for years, why not add a little flavor and variety with some animated graphs? Here are eight great sites that will allow you to make free animated graphs that will jump off the screen when you present them and hopefully impress your bosses, coworkers and clients alike.

1. Swiff Chart

This is a great site for making eye-popping animated charts. It is a pay site, but the trial version will allow you to use the tool for free and make some excellent charts for your coming presentations. If you like it a lot and want to use it all the time, the paid version is well worth it as well.

2. XML/SWF Charts


This tool is completely free. The way it works is that you create an XML source to describe the chart and then pass it along to the tool’s Flash file, which generates an animated chart according to the specifications you have given in the XML file – providing both data flexibility through XML and excellent graphic quality through Flash.

3. Fusion Charts

You can also use the free demo trial for a lot of things on this site and create a bunch of animated charts before the trial expires. This is one of the most advanced animated graph charts with plenty of options in the free trial version and many more if you pay for the real thing.

4. AmiChart

Use this powerful and easy-to-use tool to create excellent animated column, line and pie graphs for a free trial period of 15 days.

5. Rich Chart Live

Just download this free chart building desktop tool and it will provide you with a simple way to create very attractive animated charts for your presentation.

6. amCharts

This software is completely free – the only downside is that a very small link to their site will be displayed on the chart. It can generate animated Flash charts and requires Flash Player 8 or higher.

7. CoPlot

Download the free trial version of this tool and start making animated graphs. This tool is especially good for when you want to present large data sets and data that changes over time.

8. Open Flash Chart

This is an open source project that creates animate charts, pies, line bars and other types of diagrams using Flash. It will also leave a small link to the site when you use it, but it is completely free of charge and very versatile.