Best Free iPad Word Processing Apps

Tablets are great because they allow us to edit textual documents from any place we want. We are not tied to our desktop computers, but can bring our work with us, and work on it wherever we are. That goes for iPad which is a highly popular device, known for its efficiency and convenience.

Since most documents we work on are text and writings, we need a word processing application. There are really plenty of them on the app market, with a range of different prices. However, to edit text and Word documents, you don’t have to pay. You can use the two best word processors available on the market completely free.

1) Word for iPad

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Unlike its desktop counterpart, the Word document app for iPad is completely free. It can be used without any limitations, and has lots of advanced features. Basically you can create tables, add bookmarks, store documents online, share them with friends, convert to PDF, adjust margins, insert pictures, links, text box and much more. It is hard to list all of the app’s amazing features here, but we definitely suggest to try it out. You don’t have to upload the document to OneDrive, you can store it locally on your iPad.

2) Google Docs

The best choice for accessing all those documents stored on the popular Google Drive is to use Google Docs application for iPad.

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Not that it offers a big variety of text and paragraph editing features, but it automatically stores all changes inside your Google Drive account so you don’t have to worry about losing data. You can easily save your file in Word format and share it with anyone via the web.

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3) PDF to Word

PDF format is preferred by most business users, as it removes all concerns about data formatting. It looks the same on all devices, and minimizes the possibility of accidental unwanted edits.


However, if you want to edit it on your iPad, you would need an app which converts PDF to Word. The one which does it pretty fast and without any hassle is PDF to Word app. It is already pretty popular, so it is a must have for all users who have to convert PDF to Word on their iOS device. After making all the urgent edits, you can convert your document back to PDF, and send it to anyone who needs it.