Best MOOCs for Learning Microsoft Excel

Everybody who has worked with Microsoft Excel knows that it is a complex piece of software that takes years to master. Many professionals are still not confident in their knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

If you are a beginner in learning Excel and want to advance beyond basic operations, the best solution is to attend a course. There are plenty of those on Youtube, but if you’re aready prepared to devote time to acquiring a new skill, it would be wise to go with something that will get you a certificate. To help you look for an appropriate course, we have created a list of the best free MOOCs for learning Excel, all in one place.

Microsoft Excel

1) EX101x Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX

This course is offered by the edX platform. If you’ve missed the current session, you can wait for another one, or check their archive for an older course that you can take at your pace, but without acquiring a certificate. EX101x is really beyond excellent. After the first week, it immediately takes you to an advanced level, and you can be sure that you will learn lots of practical things. Aside from the practical, the course also offers fun, because the lectures are very interesting and entertaining. We definitely recommend it.

2) Excel for Data Analysis and Visualization

Another Excel course by the edX platform, offered in partnership with Microsoft. It shouldn’t be missed, because it offers a lot of practical excercises, and lecturers cover some unique aspects of this amazing software.

3) Introduction to Excel VBA Programming 

If you are interested in learning Excel programming, you should start here. The basic foundations of Excel programming are explained clearly. In addition, it is self-paced, which makes it perfect for busy people.

4) Udemy free courses

There are plenty of free courses on Udemy for novices and advanced users. However, bear in mind that not all of them are of great quality. Make sure to check references and comments by other users before you start.

5) Mastering Data Analysis in Excel

Coursera has recently introduced new Data Analysis Specializations, some of which include courses dedicated to Excel. Mastering Data Analysis in Excel offered by Duke University certainly looks promising.