Best Online Tools for Creating and Building Maps

We use maps every day, no matter whether we just want to see where something is located, or we are trying to get from one place to another. Thanks to the Internet, you will never have to deal with paper maps again, and most importantly, reading makes and getting the information you need from them has never been easier.

People need to create maps for many different reasons, and whether they are planning a vacation, making a presentation, or even teachers explaining geography, there are many mapping-related sites out there that can help.

Here are some of the best mapping tools you will find online that can help you get where you are going, see where you have been, or find out where you would like to go.


If you are familiar with using the My Maps feature on Google Maps, then you will be happy to know that this is an interesting extension of that feature. After creating maps, you can add markers and images to them and then send the maps to friends as animated videos. A great way to tell a story of a trip or send easy-to-follow directions with the use of maps.


This is a great way to share with your friends and family information regarding your travels and places you have been. Sure you can show them pictures from your trips, but showing them the amount you have travelled and the distances you have gone on a map can sometimes be even more impressive than pictures from the beach. It’s also great for planning trips and vacations and sharing your itineraries.

Build a Map

Use this service to create interactive and fun online maps very easily. It is powered by Google Maps, but allows you to use map data from other sources as well if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for with Google. It also allows you to embed the finished map on your website and share it.


If you need to jot down some notes on maps and leave reminders for yourself with ruining a paper map for good, this is the best tool to use. Not only can you add text and notes to your maps, you can also add images, create custom widgets for your maps and then export your maps to both Google Maps and Google Earth.


This is one of the less practical tools we are going to list, but it definitely can be used for some fun and for giving simple directions. This is a Google Maps offshoot that allows you to place markers onto maps and draw approximate routes.


This is probably the best site available for people who are interested in getting good directions. Mapquest has been the go-to site for many years for people who are on the road a lot and need to get very accurate directions. Whether you want to get somewhere fast or save money on gas and tolls, Mapquest can help you out.


This one is a favorite tool for teachers to use because it not only offers map-making capabilities, but also the ability to create geography-related games and distribute them easily. The site also offers you the ability to make money on your displayed maps through advertising possibilities.

Travellers Point

This is an all-in-one travelers’ site that not only allows you to create maps for your planned trips and travels, but also book hotels and other accommodations as well without leaving the site. And once the trip is done, you can share your traveling stories and upload pictures through the site’s blog and even review the hotels or hostels you were staying in during your trip.


Another great interactive map creation site that will allow you to customize your maps with notes and markers and also create PDF and JPEG images from the finished products.


This is another site that is great for getting maps and directions to and from places. The best part is that you can not only get driving directions from this site, but also directions for walking and even biking if you are interested in trails more so than in roads.


A site that allows you to work on your maps interactively with other users. The best thing about these maps is that can be downloaded as ps and ai versions so that they can be used in programs like PostScript and Illustrator. This means that you can have vector format maps, which means that you will be freed of the size and resolution limitations you would have when turning such maps into JPEGs or GIFs.


Yet another collaborative map that is constantly receiving input from people all around the world. It allows just about anyone to view, edit and use this geographical data, which makes it increasingly accurate and provides the user with very detailed and specific information.

So there you have it. Check out these great sites if you are in need of some good maps to help you find your way.