How to export Google contacts to Excel?

how to export google contacts to excel

Your inbox is probably full of contacts, and if it is a business email it can be useful to export contacts from Gmail and have all your leads and clients data in one Excel spreadsheet. Gmail allows us to export and import our contacts in CSV format. CSV format is useful because it can be … Read more

How to Convert XPS to PDF

XPS file format has similar features to PDF: the content of such files is not altered when you open it in different operating systems and formatting remains the same on all platforms. The easiest way to make an XPS file is to open any file, and choose the Print option. From the list of printers … Read more

How to edit screenshots on iPad

Smartphone and tablet users probably know the perks of using a screenshot. It is a simple way to capture a piece of information that you need to forward to someone or to keep it for yourself. When using various applications, it may often happen that some technical issues arise and you need to contact tech … Read more

How to Edit a Purchase Order on an iPhone

If you run a small business or you work in a finance department of one company, you probably happen to use purchase orders to buy some additional gadgets, software for your employees or to procure the services. Purchase orders keep track of your inventory and supplies payments. On the other hand, if you are a … Read more

How to edit a balance sheet on an iPad

Whether you are an accountant or a business owner, you probably have to deal with financial statements quite a lot. As a statement of the financial position of one company, a balance sheet is a particularly important document for both accountants and business owners. If you are a business owner,  it is proof of your … Read more

How to Clean Up Your Excel File After Conversion

After importing raw data in Excel from an online data source or after the conversion from PDF to Excel format, which is done with our service, the next step would be to clean up your data. Before we start analyzing our data, we need to clean it from unnecessary characters, unknown symbols and everything that … Read more

How to convert Video to Images

We have already written about how you can convert PDFs to images online or on your mobile phone, and today we will briefly show you how you can convert Video to Image formats like jpg, gif or png. Sometimes we need to extract multiple images from a single file. We can perform a snapshot to … Read more

How to Turn your PowerPoint Slides Into Images

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for creating presentations and slideshows, commonly used for professional and educational purposes. It gives you a creative and interest way to present an idea that can sometimes be much more effective than simply talking about it. Once you have created a slideshow using PowerPoint, you might want to convert … Read more

5 Free Online HTML editors for Web Developers

When it comes to online professions, web development remains one of the most popular and lucrative ones, simply because there is a lot of work available in this day and age when having a website and online presence is so important. Even though there are many professional tools for writing code and HTML editing, there … Read more