How to remove Dropbox from Mac

how to remove dropbox from mac

Similar to Cometdocs, our file storage and conversion service, Dropbox has been here a while and many people are using it to store files. If you happen to decide to remove Dropbox from your computer because you want to use Cometdocs file storage service or for some other reason, you probably know how to uninstall … Read more

How to find hidden apps on iPhone

how to find hidden apps on iphone

In one of our recent articles we showed you how to hide apps on iPhone. Chances are you will need to find the app you have hidden and you may not know how. Here is a detailed guide on how to find hidden apps on iPhone depending on the way you hid them at first … Read more

How to find hidden apps on Android

how to find hidden apps on android

You may have already learned how to hide apps on Android, when you want some privacy or you simply don’t need the app at the moment. If you ever changed your mind about a certain app, or you got confused how to find hidden apps on Android, here is a detailed guide.  It is actually … Read more

How to Convert Instagram Images to JPG?

instagram images to jpg

The images you post to Instagram are automatically saved in a folder on your mobile device. The folder is called Instagram and all your photos are stored there. However, what to do if you want to get someone else’s Instagram images on your device? There are a few different solutions for that: Export Instagram images … Read more

How to export Google contacts to Excel?

how to export google contacts to excel

Your inbox is probably full of contacts, and if it is a business email it can be useful to export contacts from Gmail and have all your leads and clients data in one Excel spreadsheet. Gmail allows us to export and import our contacts in CSV format. CSV format is useful because it can be … Read more

How to edit an employee pay slip on a mobile phone

If you are an employer, an office assistant or a bookkeeper, you probably handle a lot of different documents including employee pay slips. Like any other business document an employee pay slip is usually kept in a PDF format. If you need to make last-minute changes in a document before you send it to your … Read more

Convert PDF to Images on Your iPhone, iPad or Android

Although both PDFs and images are difficult to edit, sometimes we need to convert between these two formats. For example, it makes sense to convert images to PDF when we want to ensure long-term archiving of our photos. Similarly, we sometimes need to extract content from PDF in the form of an image, whether because … Read more

How to sign documents without printing

how to sign documents without printing

PDF files are great when you want to print a document, share it with other people and view them on any operating system. But they are not so great when you need to edit PDF. Fortunately, there are solutions to resolve even the hardest PDF issues. Signing documents is one of them. When you need … Read more

How to open an XML file on any device

how to open xml file

XML file format stands for an Extensible Markup Language that is used to make common information formats. The purpose of this format is to share the data on the internet and it is actually very similar to HTML format in terms of usage. What program opens XML documents? Given that XML files are encoded in … Read more