How to Split PDF into Separate Files with Google Chrome?

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How to Insert or Edit a Bookmark in Your PDF File?

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How to Convert a Webpage to PDF Format on Your Android Phone?

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How to Make Notes in the Sidebar of PDF Pages in OneNote?

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How to Always Open PDF in a Specific Way?

Depending on the file type, each PDF that we are working with opens in a default manner. For example, some files open in 200% view mode, while others open in two pages instead of one. This is usually not an issue, but when we are working on a dozen files, it can be quite frustrating … Read more

How To Convert PDF Tables To Google Sheets

The reason for Google Drive’s popularity is evident – you can upload, edit and store your files online, without taking up the precious space at home or in the office. Besides that, it enables you to access and synchronize your files from multiple devices, therefore being a service of choice for many accountants, teachers, students … Read more

How to Manage Your PDFs with Google Drive

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Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Regression analysis is a statistical process for establishing connections between certain variables. For example, we have one dependent variable and we want to determine how much other independent variables affect it. That is how we get a model of interdependence, and we can use it to predict the dependent variable’s value in the future. Excel … Read more

How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

The PDF is difficult to edit, but we can always convert it to other formats with Cometdocs and modify the file that way.  However, sometimes we want to prevent people from doing this.  We are OK with users being able to open and read the PDF, but we want to prevent them from converting or … Read more