How to insert a PDF into an Excel document?

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to insert PDF files into Excel documents. Inserting is not the same as converting PDFs into Excel.  If you want to convert PDF documents into Excel, you can use Cometdocs or our specialized websites for free PDF to Excel conversion like or Inserting PDFs into … Read more

How to create PDF Handouts in PowerPoint 2010?

When giving a presentation, it is always recommended to supply your audience with handouts.  This is done so that the listeners will be able to concentrate better on what the speaker is talking about, since they will not have to scramble to take notes during the presentation. Also, handouts serve as a great reminder later … Read more

Search Content of Multiple PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Do you have a collection of PDF documents you want to search all at once? For example, you have a collection of work-related PDFs, and you want to find out which one of them has to do with a specific topic. Instead of opening them one at a time and searching them individually, you can … Read more

How to set up Adobe PDF Reader to open at last page viewed?

If you use Adobe Reader for reading your PDFs, you have probably noticed that by default, the reader is set up to open at the first page of the document. Some might find this annoying, especially if you are reading a book or a longer document that spans hundreds of pages. For example, you are … Read more

Why you should convert your resume to PDF?

1) Preserved Layout When you send your resume as a PDF, you can be sure that your layout and all the little tweaks you have made to it will be preserved. Sending a PDF is a better option than sending an MS Office document, because the people looking at your resume could all have different … Read more

Best Online Document Management Tools

Online document management tools are essential for people who are always working while on the go. There are times when you have to work, but can’t get to your home computer to do so. In times like these, online document management tools enable you to work on all your projects, no matter where you are … Read more