How to Comment/Uncomment Multiple Lines of VBA Code in Excel at Once?

Writing VBA code in Excel has many challenges. Sometimes we test and experiment with large blocks of code. In such cases it would be useful to have an option to comment or uncomment multiple lines at once. Otherwise, if we do it line by line, we can waste a lot of time. This tip can … Read more

How to Record a Macro in Excel – a Step-by-Step Guide

Macros in Excel present automated steps that we can repeat whenever we want. They are often used for performing repetitive tasks, which significantly saves time, and also when learning VBA. Here are some tips on how to start working with Excel macros. It might look hard at the beginning, but with more practice, you will … Read more

How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Word

One of the resources available for Office is the ability to combine two important programs that we use daily, such as Word and Excel. It is a way to link spreadsheet data with your Word document in only one file To create an Excel spreadsheet in Word : Imagine that you have a Word document … Read more

How to Clean Up Your Excel File After Conversion

After importing raw data in Excel from an online data source or after the conversion from PDF to Excel format, which is done with our service, the next step would be to clean up your data. Before we start analyzing our data, we need to clean it from unnecessary characters, unknown symbols and everything that … Read more

How to Convert Time Difference into Hours or Seconds in Excel?

When working in Excel with dates and times, there might be an instance where we need to calculate the difference between two times. For example, we may want to calculate how many hours, minutes and seconds have passed since our last birthday. In order to figure this out, little tweaks are needed. 1) Convert Time … Read more

How to Convert XML to Excel?

XML format, along with CSV are some of the most commonly used formats when sharing, importing and exporting data between services. Both of these formats are readable by many software and services, and allow for easy further manipulation. However, if we want to perform some kind of statistical analysis on either format we need to … Read more

Example of Future Value Calculation in Excel

Future value tells you how much money you could have in the future if you invested a certain amount of money today with a certain interest rate. This can be easily calculated in Excel, and we will show you how. The simple version: Image you have $100,000 and you want to invest them in a … Read more

Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Regression analysis is a statistical process for establishing connections between certain variables. For example, we have one dependent variable and we want to determine how much other independent variables affect it. That is how we get a model of interdependence, and we can use it to predict the dependent variable’s value in the future. Excel … Read more

Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

Working with currencies in Excel is extremely useful. By inserting a currency sign, we make sure the reader knows which currency we are working with in our analysis. We are going to use Excel 2013, but this tutorial is valid for all versions of Excel, 2010 and 2007 as well. How to insert a currency … Read more