How to Make Your Excel Spreadsheet Smaller

MS Excel is one of the most popular electronic file formats. It has tremendously improved and facilitated work for accountants, financial auditors, bank employees, lawyers and many others who work with large volumes of data. However, working with Excel files is not always easy, especially if they contain lots of information and are very large. … Read more

How To Sort Data By Date in Excel

Microsoft Excel is probably the world’s most popular spreadsheet program because it always you to organize your tabular data in the way that best fits your needs, making it easier for you to work on your data, search and present it. This flexibility and customizability is what makes it a great application to use for … Read more

Free PDF to Excel converter for iPad and iPhone

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular programs for analyzing data, creating reports, tables and comparing statistics. However, these spreadsheets are often converted to PDF before distribution, since not everyone might have Excel installed on their computers and PDFs can be viewed by everyone. But if you constantly receive spreadsheets in PDF form that … Read more

Best Tools for Visual Analytics

It is widely known that a picture is worth a thousand words. In relation to that, visual analytics tools can process lots of data quickly and translate it into a more or less complicated picture (tree, graph, etc.). Visual Analytics is often defined differently in different areas of its application. Most widely used is the … Read more