The Best Blogs and YouTube Channels for Learning MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful software solutions for manipulating, analyzing, calculating and presenting data. Its power lies in the fact that you can basically turn raw data into powerful information using one of the many available Excel functions, visualization tools, and options for data manipulation and calculation. In short, we can perform … Read more

How to Work with Different Languages in Google Spreadsheets

In today’s globalized world it is a pretty common occurrence to have to deal with documents in different languages. But since technology is progressing as a fast rate as well, we are usually able to work with those documents even if we don’t speak the language. There are aids that can help us get over … Read more

How to Convert Excel Spreadsheets into HTML tables

When working on an online document, presentation, or webpage, we sometimes need to present the data in the form of a table. Instead of manually writing out the HTML code for a webpage, we can convert existing data directly into HTML with just a couple of clicks and save time significantly. For doing this, you … Read more

How to Disguise Social Media Sites as MS Word and Excel Files

Using social media at work is a pretty controversial issue. Bosses think that it interferes with work, while workers say that it helps them to concentrate better and stay in touch with the latest trends and news. But if you have a boss or co-worker who will nag you when they see you are spending … Read more

How to insert a PDF into an Excel document?

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to insert PDF files into Excel documents. Inserting is not the same as converting PDFs into Excel.  If you want to convert PDF documents into Excel, you can use Cometdocs or our specialized websites for free PDF to Excel conversion like or Inserting PDFs into … Read more

How to Create and Edit Excel Spreadsheets Online

Web applications are on the rise nowadays because they offer the availability of data wherever we are, on whatever computer we are using. Many desktop applications have their web alternatives. Let’s have a look at best web alternatives for Microsoft Excel. 1) Google Docs Spreadsheets   Google docs is one of the most popular free … Read more