6 Great Tools for Taking Notes

As technology continues to advance, the pen and paper have all but disappeared from classrooms. More and more students are taking their laptops or their smartphones to school with them and taking notes on these gadgets instead of in their notebooks. This not only goes for students, but for businesspeople as well. Here are some … Read more

How to Unlock Secure PDFs

If you have been using online services to convert your PDFs into other file formats, then you have probably received emails telling you that the conversion has failed – it happens all of the time. But what is the reason behind the fact that your PDF was not able to be converted? One of the … Read more

Organizing PDFs for online academic research

Academic and scientific research requires dealing with lots of working papers, books, publications, and research and data documents. All those documents can be kept in PDF file format.  Research is however, more than just reading. It requires keeping documents in order and organized for reference and citation purposes. That is why each academic research project … Read more

The 3 Best Software Options for Viewing DjVU Files

The .djvu file format is similar to the PDF file format. It was created as a suggested alternative to PDF, but it never really caught on in the way that PDF did. Nonetheless, it can still be found online, especially in the open source community. It is mostly used when scanning documents and images, and … Read more

How to export passwords from your browser

When online, you are probably logging in to various online accounts, at which point your browser asks you if you want to save these passwords. Some of us do it, and some of us are skeptical about doing so. Having your browser save the password is not usually recommended due to privacy reasons. These passwords … Read more

Create high quality PDFs from webpages using Chrome’s built-in PDF Printer

Being that we are all, obviously, huge PDF fans, we have come across a very useful way to convert webpages to PDFs when using the Chrome browser. The Google Chrome browser comes with a built-in PDF printer which can be used for converting web articles into PDF. It doesn’t allow for the conversion of any … Read more

Best Online Tools for Creating and Building Maps

We use maps every day, no matter whether we just want to see where something is located, or we are trying to get from one place to another. Thanks to the Internet, you will never have to deal with paper maps again, and most importantly, reading makes and getting the information you need from them … Read more

Best Chrome Extensions to Help You with Office Work

chrome extensions

For many people, web browsers are necessary tools for work. Searching the Internet for data, references, contacts, clients, information, and much more, is simply part of everyone’s work. Since Google Chrome has passed all other browsers in terms of popularity, we have collected for you some of the best Chrome extensions that can be of … Read more

How to convert and upload mp3 music to Youtube?

Have you ever not been able to find a song you like on Youtube and then had the need to upload it yourself? Maybe  you have written and recorded a song of your own and would like to upload it to Youtube for the world to hear. If you have tried to upload your music … Read more