5 Great Online Scientific Calculators

Anyone who works in the field of science or is studying science will need to perform various calculations on a daily basis. Just about every self-respecting scientist has a scientific calculator of their choice or some type of applications that they prefer, but these calculating devices are not always handy. For example, sometimes you might … Read more

6 Great Tools for Taking Notes

As technology continues to advance, the pen and paper have all but disappeared from classrooms. More and more students are taking their laptops or their smartphones to school with them and taking notes on these gadgets instead of in their notebooks. This not only goes for students, but for businesspeople as well. Here are some … Read more

Organizing PDFs for online academic research

Academic and scientific research requires dealing with lots of working papers, books, publications, and research and data documents. All those documents can be kept in PDF file format.  Research is however, more than just reading. It requires keeping documents in order and organized for reference and citation purposes. That is why each academic research project … Read more