Convert Files Online from your Desktop

Operating for close to five years already, Cometdocs is a free online document management service that is very a very popular option for users interested in reliable online conversion services. Especially popular is our Desktop app, which we have updated today with two new features: send to Storage and integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. Here is a complete tutorial on how to use our app, which includes all of the newest and latest features.


Registered Cometdocs users can download the desktop app and use the service’s conversion options with ease from their desktops. This new feature is especially convenient for anyone converting large files, since we all know how problematic browsers can get when dealing with large uploads that take a long time to be completed.

1. Installation

To try out the desktop app, download it here and install it on your computer.

Many people use Cometdocs by signing in via social networks such as Facebook. If you are one of these people, then you will have to register regularly to use the desktop app. Click on the “Don’t have a Cometdocs account?” link provided in the app.

If you already have a username and password, simply sign in.

singin cometdocs

2. Right – click context menu

Once you are signed in, locate the file you want to convert using Cometdocs. Right-click on the file and look for the conversion option with the Cometdocs logo next to it. All Cometdocs conversion formats are available through the desktop app.

2.1. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS, images and many other formats.

Right click on your PDF file and choose one of the many offered conversion options.


2.2. Create PDF

If your file is not a PDF, then you will be given options for converting the file into a PDF. Almost every printable format can be converted to PDF. It can be a text file, image, spreadsheet, Publisher document, and a large number of other file formats.

create pdf cometdocs

2.3. Send any file to Cometdocs storage

Cometdocs can be used for storing files of any format online. With just one click, you can send files to your online storage. Right-click the file and choose the Send option to send it to Cometdocs for storage.


3. One-click conversions

Once you choose your conversion, the file will immediately be sent to the Cometdocs servers for conversion.

The converted file will be downloaded to your computer and you will receive a notification via a pop-up balloon coming from the Cometdocs icon in the Quick Launch toolbar.

And that’s all there is to it. The converted file will be downloaded to the same folder in which your original file is located.

The speed at which the conversion takes place will, of course, depend on the size and complexity of the file that you are converting.

It should be noted that the Cometdocs desktop application is only available for Windows users currently, but the service is working on both iOS and Linux versions of the app, which should be available shortly.



4. Integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and more

Since all converted files are automatically downloaded to the same folder in which the original file is located, this makes our desktop app perfect for converting files from your cloud storage folder of choice. The process couldn’t be any easier: Simply right-click the file located in your Google Drive folder (or any other storage service folder), and choose the conversion format. The file is automatically sent to be converted and then downloaded to into that same folder once it has been converted.Google Drive (or any other storage service you are using) synchronizes the changes, making your converted document accessible from anywhere and at any time.

google drive convert files

google drive converted file