Converting PDF documents into HTML Online for Free with Cometdocs

HTML is the main language of the Internet. Almost all web pages contain HTML elements because it is the preferred way of putting text on the web. Even though most browsers have built-in PDF viewers, most webmasters still avoid using pure PDF documents on their websites because Google has trouble indexing them and the user experience is not that great in comparison to content on regular web pages.

That is why many people look to convert PDF documents into HTML very regularly.  If you have a page or two of PDF, you can do it manually, but if the PDF contains a lot of pages, converting them all at once can save a significant amount of time.

Luckily that is one of conversion formats that Cometdocs offers and supports, and we will show you how it is done.

To start the conversion, the first thing you need to do is to upload a file into the Clipboard.

pdf to html convert cometdocs

After that, drag the PDF file into the Convert tab and choose PDF to HTML from the offered conversion possibilities.

choose conversion format pdf to html

Enter you email address and click Send if you are not registered, or simply click Convert if you are a registered Cometdocs user.

The conversion should take longer than a couple of minutes and a download link will be waiting for you in an email or in your Store tab shortly.

donwload html files

As you can see, the conversion output presented as one of multiple HTML pages, which can be found in one zipped file. After downloading the zipped file to your computer, you will have all of the pages ready to be added to your website. Images are also put as a part of a new HTML document and can be found in a separate folder inside zipped file. It doesn’t matter whether your PDF contains tables, forms, images or other uncommon data, they will all be presented accurately in the new HTML format files.