Essential Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone

thanksgiving apps

Most people are in high spirits when it comes to holidays because of family reunions, nice atmosphere in downtown and non-working days. At the same time, holidays usually require serious preparations and great time management skills. Looking forward to the holiday can easily become a nightmare if you are a hostess and you are expecting cousins and relatives to come over your place and spend holidays in your home.

Thanksgiving is around the corner so the question arises, have you prepared everything? With all regular daily activities, it’s hard to keep track of everything and it wouldn’t hurt if you turn to some help. Luckily, there are tons of iPhone apps that are specially made for Thanksgiving and here we have listed those that cover all aspects of Thanksgiving.

Decorate your home

One more holiday thing that we all fancy are home decorations, they give a new and glamorous look to a house and you don’t need to wait for Christmas to decorate your home. Home Decoration Ideas is a brand-new app that provides you with a wide range of Thanksgiving pictures that will give you inspirations on how to embellish your home.

Meal preparation

Big Oven app will help you find all the Thanksgiving recipes you need, from starters to main dishes and Thanksgiving desserts. On the top of that, once you choose the recipe all ingredients necessary for that dish will be automatically added to your grocery list. You can easily swipe and remove the ingredients you have and save only those you need to buy. If you count on help of your family members, create a shared grocery list and ask them to help you with groceries supply.

What to drink?

You don’t need an app to decide what beer or juice you will buy, but choosing wine is a demanding task. Not all types of wine go with every food, so don’t forget to consult this little wine helper and find the most appropriate wine for your Thanksgiving dinner.

At the table

While sitting around the Thanksgiving table with your family, sipping wine and enjoying all these delicious Thanksgiving dishes, there probably will arise some family matters or provoking questions that are rather not to be answered. Use some of the Thanksgiving jokes to break the ice and change the conversation in another direction.

Send greeting cards to your friends

Be original and make your own customized card with Thanksgiving day greeting cards app. No matter how busy you are with hosting your guests, don’t forget about those who are not with you and surprise them with a greeting card.

Time to chill out

If you are bored and just not into family conversations, hide somewhere in the corner and chill out while playing Thanksgiving game on your iPhone. Select one of the four turkeys available and collect coins while running through the Thanksgiving village. It would be a matter of time when other family members will join you for a race.

If you are not staying at home

If you don’t want to spend time on cooking, home decorations and cleaning after your guests, chances are you will choose to eat out. Since working hours are often different during the holidays, make sure your favourite restaurant is opened. Whether you will spend Thanksgiving in a local restaurant or in a totally other town or country, try this app out and a get last-minute reservation instantly.

Bonus Thanksgiving app

It’s morning after and you are satisfied how Thanksgiving preparation went smoothly. Don’t forget to save Thanksgiving recipes and DIY ideas you used so next year you have even less work to do. And not just that, share the Thanksgiving ideas and tips with your friends and let them host next dinner instead of you!