How do you know if your document needs OCR?

We get a lot of questions from users who are not sure what OCR is and why their document needs it. OCR technology is a special technology needed to convert documents which are scanned or documents which are presented in the form of an image. How do you know that your PDF needs OCR conversion? Well, that is very simple. Just try to select and copy text from it.

First case: If the document is scanned, you’ll realize that you can’t select text from it.

pdf unreadable

Second case: If you can select text, go and paste it into your text editor. If the letters look normal, that means that you have a regular native PDF document. But if the letters are twisted, unreadable or look like they come are from a different language, this means that your document needs special technology to translate the text and symbols.

unreadable text

That technology is OCR (optical character recognition technology).