How to convert a Google document to docx format on your iPad and vice versa

Converting from Google Docs to Word format on iPad

Formats’ incompatibility can sometimes cause a big headache. The usual case is that specific software support only specific formats, so in situations where people are using different types of software, we have to perform format conversions in order to be able to use the data in the documents.

That is the main reason Cometdocs exists, as we specialize in the file conversion segment.

If you want to create Word documents on your iPad, there are multiple apps you can use. For example, you can use the Microsofts’s free app, or Google’s app for documents.

If you use Google Drive, we assume Google Docs is your choice for working with documents on a mobile phone. It is a good app indeed, with lots of useful features, but one of the small annoyances of working in it is the need to convert documents to Google Docs format if you want to invite other people to edit them and add comments.

Also, if you create a new document from scratch on your Google Docs, the document will by default be in Google Docs format.

Google Docs format is pretty good, but it is not recommended to send it to other users before converting it to docx first. The person receiving the document probably only uses Microsoft Word and formatting might get messy and unreadable. That is certainly not what you want.

Convert Google docs to Docx

So to convert a document to docx format, open that Google docs file and tap on three dots menu in the top right corner. Tap on Share & Export.

share and export file

In the next step tap on Save as, choose Word (.docx) format and tap OK.

save as docx file ipad

To convert documents the other way around, go to your Word document, open it in Word app, click on compatibility error and choose Save as Google Docs.

save as google docs

Convert doc to docx and vice versa

As a reminder, if you have problems with doc and docx format on your iPad, you can easily convert files between these two formats by using one of our mobile apps that convert docx to doc or doc to docx.

docx to doc or the opposite