How to Convert a Webpage to PDF Format on Your Android Phone?

When we browse the Internet, we come across multiple interesting websites and articles that we sometimes want to save for later reading. We’ve already mentioned several times that the best format for storing documents is the PDF, because of its compactness and ability to look the same across all operating systems. In line with that, we want to show you how to convert interesting web articles to PDF by using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for Android. This way you can read what interests you even when you’re offline.

1) Google Chrome

It is fairly easy to convert a webpage to PDF using Google Chrome. Simply choose the Print option from the main menu.

print google chrome

In the above menu, as you can see in the image, choose Save as PDF for the printer. Click on the PDF button, and your file will be saved in PDF format right inside Google Drive.

save as pdf google chrome
This is also an excellent way to convert the document later into one of the Office formats by using Cometdocs Google Drive extensions.

2) Mozilla Firefox

If you prefer to use the Firefox browser on your device, the conversion is again very simple. First open the webpage you want to print into PDF files.
Tap on the small icon in the address bar that will make the webpage more readable. This will remove all the ads and unnecessary content on the webpage.

better printing in mozila firefox

Also, if you click on the menu below, you will be able to change the font size, background color and more.

adjust font

Now tap on the Menu button and choose Page.

page option mozila firefox android

After that click on Save as PDF. Choose the location of your new PDF file and save it.

save as pdf
As you see, the whole process is very easy and we hope you’ll like converting web pages to PDF.