How to Convert Excel Spreadsheets into HTML tables

When working on an online document, presentation, or webpage, we sometimes need to present the data in the form of a table. Instead of manually writing out the HTML code for a webpage, we can convert existing data directly into HTML with just a couple of clicks and save time significantly. For doing this, you don’t even have to have MS Excel – the most widely used software for creating tables – installed. We have selected a couple of the best ways to do it, one of which should definitely work for you and satisfy your needs.

1. Convert directly from MS Excel

Go to your existing spreadsheet, click on Save As, and choose the Web page option, like on the photo. You can see that there are options for saving the whole workbook or only a selected part. You can also adjust the document’s title.

html convert to


2. Google Docs

download as web page

Google Docs is an excellent tool for creating tables and sharing them online. After you finish editing and calculating your data, go to File – Download As – HTML format like you see on the photo. It is very simple. The document gets downloaded to your computer immediately.

3. Tableizer


Tableizer is an online tool which can help us to convert table data into HTML directly online. Paste the data into the conversion box, choose the font size and color and you’ll get your HTML right away.

4. WordPress

If you regularly work in WordPress, you’ll find that it is very easy to convert Excel data into HTML. Just copy the data you want to convert and paste it into a new post. Click on HTML tag and you’ll find get perfectly editable HTML code as a result. In the options view, you will be able to see the direct results of your edits. But for this it is assumed that you have an advanced knowledge of HTML.

If you have tried all of these and are not satisfied with the final output, you can open the data in an HTML editor and perform little tweaks as you find suitable.

It is definitely better and saves time compared to having to do the whole job in an HTML editor and start from scratch.