How to convert images to vector format?

People are often under the wrongful assumption that changing a regular image into a vector image is something that is very difficult to do. It can in fact be very easy. When you are vectorizing an image, you are simply turning the image into a mathematical formula that represents the image. Vectorization is performed in order to avoid pixelization when working professionally with images – especially when printing them in various formats.

If you are looking to convert an image into a vector image and aren’t really well versed in design and don’t feel like hiring someone to do it for you, there are thankfully a couple of excellent online tools that can help you out.

1) VectorMagic

vector magic

This is one of the easiest and most reliable options for converting regular images into vector images for free online. One great thing about the service is that you can preview the vector image, so that you can make sure that everything is in its place before you begin the conversion.

2) Autotracer

convert image to vector

Although this service is not as versatile as the first, it’s just as effective. There are not many options for previews and customizing your images, but the service will quickly and very accurately convert your image files into vector images. Some options that you do get with this service include selecting the number of colors, line offset and noise reduction before converting your image.