How to convert Video to Images

We have already written about how you can convert PDFs to images online or on your mobile phone, and today we will briefly show you how you can convert Video to Image formats like jpg, gif or png.

Sometimes we need to extract multiple images from a single file. We can perform a snapshot to capture a particular frame in the video. That is pretty easy and every video player has such functionality.

For example, in VLC player simply open the video, pause it at the required scene, and go to Video – Take Snapshot, as you see in the image.

extract snapshot

However, if you want multiple images from a video, you don’t have to take a snapshot each time. You can convert the whole video into image sequences.

For that you would need to install an OpenSource software called VirtualDub.

Open VirtualDub and open a video using this software. Note that VirtualDub doesn’t work with mp4 video format, only with avi and dvix. So, if you have a video in some other format that is not supported by VirtualDub, you would need to convert it to avi first. That is not a problem as there are plenty of awesome converters online. Some of the popular video converters are FreeMake Video Converter, Format Factory, Video to Video and many more.

After you have opened the video, go to File – Export – Image Sequence.

export video as an image sequence

Now make sure to choose the jpg or png format.

png and jpg images format

Select the output folder where your image will be stored. Have in mind that for longer videos you might get thousands of images, so be careful. One smart option would be to cut the part of the video you want extracted into image, and then perform this operation.