How to Convert Your Dropbox Documents?

Dropbox is one of the most popular services for storing and synchronizing files in the cloud and across multiple devices. Since we are certain that many of Cometdocs users use Dropbox as well, we are going to show you today how it is possible to integrate Cometdocs with Dropbox.

This is especially useful when using Dropbox for storing documents as PDFs or Word files. Cometdocs allows you to convert your files between PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and other formats easily and automatically back them up in the cloud for future use. While the file is converting and downloading, users can continue working on other things unimpeded, which makes this Cometdocs-Dropbox combo a great productivity utility as well.

Convert Dropbox documents with Cometdocs Web

Both unregistered and registered users of our Cometdocs web service can import files from their Dropbox and Google Drive account into Cometdocs and convert them. Simply click the option Import files from Dropbox or Google Drive.


convert dropbox file

Convert Dropbox documents with Cometdocs mobile apps

If you prefer to use mobile apps to manage documents on the go, you can one of our mobile PDF apps. Depending on the type of conversion you can choose different apps such as PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel converter or a universal PDF converter app.

All Cometdocs apps have Dropbox integrated- in other words, you can import files stored in Dropbox. There are two ways to do that:

  1. Start the Cometdocs app and tap on Dropbox icon to import the file.
  2. Open Dropbox and locate the file. Choose the Cometdocs apps from the “Open in” menu.

There is no easier way to convert Dropbox files.