How to Create and Convert your Fonts?

Microsoft Windows comes with its own predetermined fonts that you can choose from when you are using its programs – most notably word processing programs like Microsoft Word.

But there are many more creative, interesting and beautiful fonts out there that do not come with Windows. You can use these fonts to make your writing and presentation stick out and look unique in a crowd.

When you download a font, you can right click on it and click Install (if you have Windows 7) or if you have Windows XP you can follow this instruction:

Since Fonts can come in multiple formats and some of the formats are specific for a certain Operating System, you can convert them into the matching format. The most common font formats are rueType (.ttf), OpenType (.oft) and PostScript (.ps). If you find a font that is in some other format and want to convert it to one of these, you can use this Free Online Font Converter. It supports almost all major formats. Just upload the fonts you want converted and click on Convert button.

However, if you want to create fonts of your own, you can do that too. Even if you are not a web designer or a person who knows how to use Adobe Photoshop or similar software, you can still make your own fonts.  All you need to do is to visit this website:

On this website, you can create your fonts by adding building blocks. It is a very good mechanism for creating new fonts that even complete beginners can master.

All you need to do is to register and make your own account. First, you will be presented with options to create fonts by adding and organizing small blocks. There is a preview options that lets you see how your font is progressing and you will need to create a letter or a sign for each key on the keyboard when you are making an all new font. When you finish, you can download the Fonts in TrueType format, which is supported by both Mac and Windows.

Here’s another quick tip regarding fonts. If you use downloaded fonts on your computer and want to send a text to a friend, that person will not be able to see the text if he or she doesn’t have the same fonts installed on his or her own computer. In order to avoid this problem, the best solution would be to convert what you write to PDF. PDF is visible on every computer.  You can do it by using our free online PDF creation service – Cometdocs, or by using some kind of PDF printer like this one, for example: