How to Create and Edit Excel Spreadsheets Online

Web applications are on the rise nowadays because they offer the availability of data wherever we are, on whatever computer we are using. Many desktop applications have their web alternatives. Let’s have a look at best web alternatives for Microsoft Excel.

1) Google Docs Spreadsheets


Google docs is one of the most popular free spreadsheet creation and editing applications. Spreadsheets can be shared and stored online. Multiple advanced spreadsheet features are possible. For example, you can create graphs and complex formulas within your spreadsheets. One of the main advantages of Google Docs is that you have the possibility of online collaboration, in which multiple people can be working on the same spreadsheets at the same time from different locations. When you start working with Excel documents online, use the File – Import option. Supported import formats are .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, .txt, .tsv, and .tab. Once you wrap up what you are doing, you can save the file back to your computer as an Ece, PDF, Text, OpenOffice or HTML format.

2) Zoho Sheets 


Zoho Sheets is another excellent alternative to Excel. With ZohoSheets you can create interactive, online spreadsheets. It is fully compatible with the MS Excel file format, and you can import and export Excel document to and from Zoho Sheets. Collaborations and file sharing are supported as well.

3) Sheetster

Sheetster is a free, open-source cloud alternative for Excel. You can even host it on your own server for easier access.

4) Editgrid


Editgrid is another free online spreadsheet tool. It has a majority of Excel’s features, and it fully supports collaboration and sharing as well.

5) Simple Spreadsheet


Simple Spreadsheets is also free and web-based. It supports common Excel features such as charts, formulas and multi-editing.