How to Edit PDF in Google Drive?

Many of us store and manage PDF files in Google Drive. It is an excellent tool if we want to share the files with someone or access them remotely. However, when it comes to editing, that is a bit more difficult because PDF is hard to modify, and there are still no inbuilt editing features that come with the tool. Of course, it is still possible to edit a PDF document, regardless of whether it is a table, presentation or text.
All you need to do is convert it to one of the formats Google Drive is able to work with. These formats are:

1) Google Docs

To transform a PDF into textual format, right click on it and choose Open with – Google Docs. Even the contents from scanned files will be accurately extracted.

open with google docs

2) Google Sheets

Getting tables from PDF into editable format is possible as well. All you need to do is install the Cometdocs PDF converter app.

cometdocs pdf converter app

Right click the file, choose Open with – Cometdocs and choose Excel as the conversion format.

convert to google sheets pdf

After that you need to wait a couple of minutes before the new file is downloaded to the same folder where the original is located. As you’ll see, the row and column recognition in sheets is the same as in the PDF table. The file is all ready to start analyzing.

google tables

3) Google Slides

Presentations can also be converted. Right click the file, choose Open with – Cometdocs  and then choose PowerPoint.

pdf to powerpoint

After the document is converted, simply choose Open with – Google Slides and the document will be ready for further modification.

pdf to presentation google drive