How to Insert or Edit a Bookmark in Your PDF File?

Bookmarks can be extremely useful. We use them to mark certain pages in a document, which helps us find what we need faster.

Numerous PDF readers support viewing bookmarks, but not many of them are able to modify them or create new ones. Usually a premium software is required for that purpose.

However, there is one PDF reader which allows just that. It is called PDF X-Change Viewer. You can use it to work with bookmarks pretty easily.

First, once you open your document in this reader, you need to make the bookmarks bar visible. Go to View – Bookmarks.

view bookmarks in PDF

After that go to the page you want to mark, and in the left sidebar click on the plus sign to create a bookmark there. You can add as many as you need.

create new bookmarks

You can also edit existing bookmarks. Right click on one, and a new menu with multiple options will appear.

By going to Bookmark Options, you can also change the default color or assign some specific actions like opening a URL, for example.

rename delete modify bookmarks

At the end, save all the changes, and that would be all. Newly created bookmarkes will be visible in any other reader.

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