How to Make Notes in the Sidebar of PDF Pages in OneNote?

Many books and documents we deal with today come in PDF format. Reading PDF files is pretty easy, but sometimes we want to make notes while reading. You can easily make notes directly in PDF with any of the readers. We have already explained how to do it in Adobe Reader. But, that would require making direct edits in the document itself. There is another way to do it, and it involves using OneNote. This program allows you to make notes right next to each page of your PDF document.

Here is how you can do it. Assuming that you already have OneNote installed, open your PDF, go to the Print option and choose Print to OneNote.

print to onenote

The document will be transferred to OneNote, and you’ll be able to choose which notebook section to transfer it to. Note that it might take a while for large documents. Once transferred, each page in the document will appear as a separate page in the chosen section.

note taking in pdf onenote

You can choose any page you want, and there will be an empty space in the sidebar where you’ll be able to make notes, as you see in the image.

After you’ve finished with your note taking, you can convert the whole document back to PDF along with your notes by going to File – Export – Section – and choosing the PDF format.

Export secton notebook to PDF

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