How to read EPUB books on your Windows laptop

The rise of ebooks and mobile technologies has led to the appearance of couple of new book formats. PDF is still the king, but there are other formats that are very good as well. One of the more popular mobile ebook formats is EPUB. EPUB books are designed to be read on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, if you have an ebooks which is in the EPUB format and you want to read it on your PC, you might have difficulties from Windows not being able to recognize the format. One of the options might be converting the book to PDF, but that is not always recommended because of the formatting that will get lost in the process. Here are three excellent options for reading your EPUB format ebooks on a laptop running Windows.

1. Adobe Digital Editions

This software is similar to Adobe PDF reader, because it can also be used for reading PDFs. However, it can be used for EPUB books as well. It is handy because you don’t depend on a browser. It can help you create a local library with all of the books on your computer. Create and sort them out by author, size, title, date and status with this program. The layout is very clean and the interface is easy-to-use and customizable, enabling you to change the size of the text to the way you like it. All in all, a great tool for reading EPUB documents.

2. MagicScroll for Chrome

If you are a fan of Google Chrome, then the MagicScroll Ebook Reader is the perfect tool for you. Install the app on your Chrome browser and create an account to start reading right away. This tool also stores your books online, and makes it possible for you to access them from any other platform. The interface is pretty minimalistic, and there is a great auto-scroll option available as well. This app has a direct link to the collection of Gutenberg books, where you can find lot of great free ebooks. It also gives you the ability to read while offline as well.

3. EPUBReader for Firefox

EPUBReader is a tool designed for Mozilla Firefox users. Install the extension and upload your books to start reading immediately. Every opened file is stored in a catalog which makes it very easy to access it later. The interface is simple and effective, yet highly customizable. It is pretty much the equivalent of reading a PDF in your browser.

4) Sumatra Reader


SumatraPDF is a program for reading electronic books, or eBooks. It is an open source program and supports most of the popular eBook formats, including DJVU, PDF and EPUB. It is especially popular as an alternative to Adobe Reader, because it opens PDFs much faster, but it is also commonly used as an EPUB reader. It’s a highly recommended program if you are looking for one program that can open just about every eBook format available.