How to remove Dropbox from Mac

Similar to Cometdocs, our file storage and conversion service, Dropbox has been here a while and many people are using it to store files. If you happen to decide to remove Dropbox from your computer because you want to use Cometdocs file storage service or for some other reason, you probably know how to uninstall the program. However, Mac users often have troubles uninstalling Dropbox. In case you wonder how to remove Dropbox from Mac, no need to look further. Here’s all you need to know.

How to remove Dropbox from Mac without deleting files

If you want to keep the files but delete Dropbox, you shouldn’t have problems doing that. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Dropbox icon and go to the Preferences menu.
  2. In the Account tab click on Unlink this Dropbox.
  3. Go back to the first menu by clicking on the Dropbox icon again.
  4. Click on Quit Dropbox.
  5. Finally, go the Finder app and open the folder with Applications.
  6. Hold left mouse click on the Dropbox icon to drag and drop it in the trash.

Removing Dropbox Folder

When you uninstall Dropbox by following the steps above, you will still have the folder and files.  If you want to keep the files only on Dropbox account but to remove them from your computer, make sure all the files are synced with your Dropbox account.

When you sync the files, you can find the Dropbox folder and drag and drop it in the trash. 

Note: if you remove Dropbox program from your computer, it won’t remove your files. You need to remove them manually like we explained above. All files that are synced on Dropbox account will stay there as long as you have an account.

Fix the common error that appears when you try to remove Dropbox on Mac

The biggest reason why we discuss this topic in the first place is that many Mac users are having trouble removing Dropbox. This is the usual error someone receives:

The item “Dropbox” can’t be moved to the Trash because some of its plugins are in use.

Here’s how to resolve this issue:

  1. Click once on the Dropbox icon.
  2. Click the spacebar on your keyboard to get a view of Dropbox.
  3. Now click on the box that contains the arrow.
  4. Click on More and check the list of extensions. 
  5. Uncheck Dropbox from that list and then delete it by following the steps above.

Unlink Dropbox from a computer through Dropbox account

Login to your Dropbox account and find the Account Settings and Security tab. There will be a list of all devices that are linked to your Dropbox account. You can unlock any device and delete all content from Dropbox that is placed on that computer.

Now when you have successfully removed Dropbox from Mac computer, you can try to store files in our Cometdocs cloud.