How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Cloud

With over 773 million sales in the world, it is safe to say that iPhone is widely used across the globe. Not only do people see it as a regular communication gadget, they also find it to be a revolutionary way of taking photos and capturing memories.

However, as much as using iPhone as a camera alternative is tempting because of the quality of images the iPhone is known for, this will eventually result in having your phone running too slowly due to memory shortage. In that case, you need to either delete some of your photos or move them to the cloud. There is an iCloud app that gives you 5GB of free space, but if you’ve been using your iPhone for a while and you like taking photos, you are probably running out of free space even with the iCloud, right?

So, when you find yourself in that situation, consider using additional cloud storage. Cometdocs is a pretty good choice in this case. It is a free cloud storage app perfect for keeping pictures and memories, plus users get 2GB free upon registration. It can be accessed via any browser directly from your iPhone.

How to Access Cometdocs Storage on iPhone?

Open a browser and visit Click on Create a free account and register to Cometdocs by filling out your name, email and password.

cloud storage

Once you register, you can upload photos directly to cloud by clicking on the Upload button as shown in the image below.

transfer pictures from iphone to cloud

Pictures can also be imported from Dropbox or Google Drive. Your pictures will be safe and secure, and your phone memory will not be so full any more. You will be able to make new photos or use the phone for some other purposes.

The whole process of registering with Cometdocs and using it is very smooth and straightforward, which makes this app a perfect match for your equally smooth iPhone. All that’s left is to test it out.