How to Use Technology to Make Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts

Warning: This article is only for tech savvies!

Being a tech enthusiast implies having different technology skills and relying on technology in everyday life. Not only can you rely on technology to fulfil daily business tasks, but you can also use your tech skills for carrying out tasks from personal life as well. With Christmas around the corner, it’s high time you wrap up the Christmas gifts. It’s commonly known that you can purchase tech gifts, since almost every online magazine provides you with a list of Christmas gifts for tech lovers, but if you are on a tight budget, or you just want to make a present on your own, don’t forget to turn to technology for help.

So, how technology can help you make Christmas gifts?

There are various online tools and mobile apps that can help you in the process of making a Christmas gift. Most of them are free and all you need is a bit of creativity and these guidelines:

Use Prisma to print your photos in the artistic way

If you have art lovers among your friends and family and you don’t have money to buy paintings, use Prisma to turn your digital photo into a wall painting. This is a perfect example how a tech tool can help you in choosing a Christmas gift. What is more original than a photo taken by the camera and afterwards revived on paper? You just need to go through your phone gallery and pick up the best photo that will become a true art.

Create digital photo albums of smaller size

For those friends and family members who prefer to have modern photos and not paintings,  maybe it is a better solution to make a photo album saved in a digital form. The file format that keeps text and images preserved is PDF. This file format is the most convenient for document printing and sharing and it keeps the text and images in its original form. However, if your photo album or a scrapbook is too large and thus hard to send via email, use PDF compress app to shrink the size of that PDF.

Make Christmas labels for your gifts

If you are a DIY enthusiast, we bet you prefer to make Christmas presents on your own. Whatever it is, you may rely on one more technology tool and give a final touch to your gift-box. There is a tool for creating custom Christmas labels with already available holiday graphics. In just a few simple steps, you can make your own label and have your Christmas present stands out from other presents.

Use Microsoft Office to make Christmas cards

There is probably no such tech savvy on this planet who doesn’t use MS Office or any of its alternatives.  Apart from using MS Office programs for business purpose, you know that you can use them for personal purposes as well. So, before you put away your desktop computer and go on a digital detox, don’t forget to go through Office templates and find your best Christmas card template.

Craft personalized ebooks

Besides using technology to make photo albums and paintings, to have your personalized Christmas cards and custom-made gift labels, your top loved ones maybe deserve even more effort and time spent on gift making. If you want to give someone a unique present, consider making a personalized book. While producing a real paper book can hurt your budget, for crafting an ebook you only need time, patience and a bit of creativity. This may be an ideal present for your life-long friends. With so much adventures you’ve gone through together, there is a book material.

No matter how experienced you are with technology, hope these tech tips will help you out in making original and hand-made gifts this Christmas!