iPad Apps That Every Virtual Assistant Should Be Using

The appearance of Internet and online technologies gave way to many new job positions. These allow employees to work from the comfort of their home, and employers to stop wasting time on administrative tasks and focus on what’s essential for their business.

One of those popular new positions is the virtual assistant. This is often a freelance job and can include many different assignments. For example, many VAs are outsourced to perform different administrative, marketing and technical tasks, such as making phone calls or managing emails, scheduling events, promoting a product or business on social media, designing promotional materials, managing a blog, researching whatever is necessary, making presentations etc.

Since virtual assistants are real multitaskers, they need to be extremely organized. For people who embrace technology and know how to make the most of it, being organized is not so difficult to accomplish. It’s only a matter of finding all the right props, tools and apps that can make one’s work as easy as possible. Successful VAs not only know how to organize their time, but they also make the most of working on the go on their iPads, and use the time productively while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, when stuck in traffic, etc.

There are too many apps on the market today, so it can be pretty time-consuming to test everything that comes your way. That is why, to save you time, we compiled this list of excellent iPad apps that every virtual assistant should be using.

Get Al Helper

personal assistant app







Evi is an artificial intelligence helper that answers all your questions. You can use both voice and text input to ask her a question. There is a built-in browser so you won’t need to leave the app in order to check out the links that Evi gives you. Not only does Evi search for the info you need, but it also compares data from different sources and can cut your research time.


Dictate anything   


Dragon Dictation is a virtual note-taker that actually writes down everything you say. It can be very useful when you are on-the-go and you don’t have time to type. It types 5 times faster than you would type by using the keyboard.


voice to text app







An All-in-one Reminder

24me Smart Personal Assistant manages your calendars, tasks and notes. You can set up reminders, pay the bills, set up birthdays or weather alerts. This app syncs all your calendars in real time, auto-completes all your tasks and errands and even allows you to share your reminders and alerts with other people.


schedule reminder







News Reader

Mr Reader is an RSS news reader that stores all the items you save for reading and categorizes them chronologically or groups them by feed. You can search for specific articles and save search options for later. This app has also an option to manage your feeds, folders and tags. You can mark the items as read or post them on social networks directly from the reader.

news reader







Document Editor

PDF to Word is a mobile app that converts both native and scanned PDFs to Word. It is particularly useful when you receive or download a PDF file which you need to edit. As PDF is not an editable format, and so one of the best ways to edit a PDF is to convert it to an editable file format such as Word.

convert pdf to word








Popplet is a very simple and straightforward app for storing and organizing your notes and ideas visually. It is great for people on-the-go such as virtual assistants, to generate their ideas out of the office, collect inspirations and manage their projects.

visual notepad







Hopefully this selection of apps is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and now you can do your work even more efficiently than before.