iPhone Apps for Millennials

iphone apps for millennials


87% of millennials never separate themselves from mobile devices, mainly smartphones. According to the app usage statistics from 2015, the app that millennials use the most is Facebook. If you are a millennial on the lookout for some fresh apps or you just want to be trendy as millennials, check out these iPhone apps for different occasions:

Investing Apps

Stash Invest teaches you how to invest and to develop smart habits in trading. There are 30 investment themes to choose from and build your own portfolio. Stash secures your bank account and prevents unauthorised bank account access. It is free the first three months and after that there is a flat one-dollar charge.

Robinhood is an app perfect for every millennial interested in investment. With this app you can buy and sell stocks for free, no trading charges are included. You can track the stock market in real-time, and have up-to-date info on stock quotes.

Finance Apps

Image to Excel behaves like a scanner app that take photos of your paper documents and transform them into editable. xslx format. It can be very handy when you want to reuse your old invoices or other financial documents. What’s more it also converts screenshots and regular image files to Excel.

Venmo is a personal finance app and debt manager. It takes care of your personal debts and prevent you from losing track of your cash flow. It is very convenient for college students to make sure you know when is your turn to buy dinner to your friends.

Productivity Apps

SwiftKey Keyboard is a time-saving app especially for those millennials who text a lot. Believe it or not, the app learns your writing style and predicts the text you write. Not only can it edit your typos but it also makes your typing hassle-free. It shows the predicted text and emoticons so you don’t need to type the whole sentences.

Cut Paste Photos Pro is an app for image editing. You can cut parts of different images and merge them into one. It saves newly edited images to your Camera Roll. This app has some necessary editing options such as rotating, cropping, flipping, scaling, duplicating.

Travelling Apps

Hoper – Airfare Predictions is a flight analyser and adviser that gives you tips on flight prices and actually predicts the price changes. This app is convenient for every travel junkie and especially for young millennials who have a tight budget. No matter if you travel for work or leisure, by using Hoper you will know what is the best time to buy an air-plane ticket.

Maps.me is an offline map viewer that also gives directions and it navigates you even when you are not online. It works almost everywhere on the globe and what is most important you don’t get charged when you are in roaming. Maps are of small size so you don’t need to worry about your phone memory. In addition to that, the app offers millions of points of interest so you can search for gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, and more.

Unordinary Apps

Castro – Play and Share Podcasts is an ideal app for broadcast enthusiasts. If you like listening to informational podcasts and news, you will never miss a podcast again. The app sends you all the podcast shows directly into your inbox and on the top of that, you can add the podcasts you like in a queue and save them for later listening.

Timehop is your trip down memory lane. It works similarly as Facebook option to share memories but this app pulls out the photos from all the apps you are logged into. Apart from Facebook photos. It also grabs your photos from Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and your iPhone. So every single day, the app shows you some of your old photos and makes you remember all these important things you might forget in these hectic days.


photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@davidmarcu