Mobile Apps that Every Phone Should Have

Mobile phones have become our true companions because of mobile apps that help you carry out your everyday tasks. You can find a mobile app for almost every imaginable task and save time and energy. Of course, in the sea of mobile apps it is sometimes hard to find ones that you really need. What mobile apps will you have depends on your lifestyle, type of work or daily routine. However, there is a number of mobile apps that are necessary for everyone. Here is our list of mobile apps that every mobile device should have:

Manage your Money with the Mobile app of your bank

Almost every bank has a mobile app so if you have a bank account, you should have the app too. It gives you an instant access to your account, where you can make a payment on the go, check your balance report. You can pay the bills with that kind of app and check your transactions and credit card debts as well.

Find the Cheapest Gas Nearby- Gas Buddy

If you have a car or a motorbike, you need this app for sure. With Gas Buddy you can find the nearest gas stations and the lowest gas prices in your area. Whether you travel somewhere out of town, or you are driving around, you can find the gas at most affordable prices. This app is available on both iOS and Android platform.

Run your Business with GoDyrect

This is an all-in-one business tool that helps you manage and grow your business. It even has an option to build a website in 2 minutes. If you already have a website you can use GoDyrect to promote your business on social media, to post discount offers, products pictures and other similar things that will help you promote your business.

Make Notes with Google Keep

Note taking apps are essential for everyone. Whether you need to make a grocery list, to-do list for house cleaning, a list of friends you will invite to a B-day party, the easiest way to do that is with a note taking app such as Keep. You can even share it with friends and family, edit it later and make templates for different kinds of lists.

Read books with Kindle reader

If you like to read books or to study but you don’t have time, you can read books or study on your mobile phone as well, thanks to Kindle. The Kindle ereader app can be found on all platforms: Amazon, iOS, Android. The only catch is that you can read only ebooks purchased from Amazon.

Browse Internet Safely with AdBlock

You need to have this app if you like to search the Internet on your mobile phone. When you visit different websites from your mobile browser, you probably noticed that some websites have a lot of ads that keep popping up. In sames cases, ads can even crash your phone. This AdBlock app will drastically improve your mobile experience.

Stay Hydrated with Plant Nanny

If you keep forgetting to drink water, this is the right app for you. It is a simple water reminder that helps you stay hydrated all day long. You can setup your preferred amount of water you plan to drink and check out your drinking history. 

Make Your Photos Better with SnapSeed

For millennials who like taking photos, never enough of photo editing tools. If you want to have a photo editing app in your phone and not rely on Instagram filters all the time, you can use SnapSeed. With this mobile app you can easily edit your photo and tune any photo effect.

Find Cheap Flights with Kiwi

Next time you travel, remember to use Kiwi. It is a flight search app that finds the best deals for your destination. There is an option to include more than one airport from where you would travel, and to search for any destination. You can even set up alerts and get notified when the price for a specific destination is at low price.

Order Food with DoorDash

Food delivery apps are very convenient if you like to order in. Staying home, watching movies and ordering food is something that everyone has done, at least once. With DoorDash your favourite meal is just a few taps away. When you order, you can even track your food in real time. Amazing, isn’t it?

These were top ten mobile apps of our choice, available on both iOS and Android. Don’t forget to try Cometdocs mobile apps, if you need to manage PDF documents, create PDF files etc.

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