Mobile Apps to Practice Math

mobile apps to practice math

If you haven’t already started using your mobile phone to learn new languages or practice science, now is the right time. Whenever you have spare time, while waiting for the bus, getting back from school, or just being bored at home, you can use one of mobile apps to practice math. No matter what grade are you, be sure that you can find the right app for you.

We have compiled a short list of the apps to practice math. The first four apps are for the iOS platform, and the last is for Android. If you want to search for other apps, simply start the app or Google play store and type “math apps” or “learn math”. Let’s see what we’ve got:

Top Five Apps for Math

Chalkboard Math –

It looks like a chalkboard for the phone. The app is convenient for elementary students to practice math. With this app they can learn or practice addition, division, subtraction, multiplication. It is very easy to use and many educators have approved it. Chalkboard math looks like a popular game Hangman which even talks, telling you if the answer is right or wrong.

Sushi monster

It is a game for math learning. It is a perfect choice to all students that like playing games and learn while having fun at the same time. You can extent knowledge of math and improve reasoning challenging. This app has different levels and everytime you pass one level you get a reward. You need to feed the monster with correct number of sushi pieces. The app pushes you to think fast plus your answer has to be accurate.

Number Frames –

This app is developed by the math learning center as well as Number Line app. Students can use this app to structure numbers from one to five, one to ten, one to twenty or one to hundred. The virtual presentation of number frames is perfect for elementary students. There is an option to write equations with the math text tool.

Komodo –

The Komodo app was developed by teachers for families in mind. It is primarily meant for kids aged 5 to 11. The app has proven to be very effective in helping young children master mathematics. It can be used with the help of qualified math teachers where teachers will personalize the learning plan and parents will then define real-life rewards to motivate their kids along the way. This means that the learning experience can be specifically tailored to the needs of each child. Komodo app is mostly focused on mastering arithmetic and mental math/maths which are the key factors for future success in math.

Math practice flash cards –

This is an Android app for math. It also offers four basic math skills, to subtract, add, divide and multiply. Flash cards can be personalized for each quiz. Parents and teachers can customize flash cards to meet students’ level. They can choose between multiple choice type of questions and answers or they can request typed answers. What is beneficial, students can reuse flash cards until they answer correct. Every time students starts the app, the fastest and not the latest score will pop up. Parents can turn on different sounds to entertain their children while they learn math.