How to Move Pictures to SD Card

Mobile phones are mostly used to take photos and not so many people take real professional cameras with them. Every average mobile device has a decent camera and people just find it easier to use phone’s camera instead of bringing an additional gadget. The problem occurs when after some time you get too many photos in your phone and it just starts to malfunction. If you use your phone camera to take photos, you’ve probably experienced at least once in your lifetime that your phone memory is overloaded. Today we will show you how to move pictures to SD card and take off that burden from your phone.

how to move pictures to sd card


What are sd cards?


SD cards are actually an additional memory and some phones already have them by default. Phones with sd cards, or at least sd card slot, are very good because you can always change that sd card and buy one with bigger space on it.

Have in mind however that your phone cannot support sd card of every size. Every mobile device has its limit so before buying an sd card, get informed about your phone’s limits.


Where are pictures stored when you take a shot?


Usually it is set up by default to store pictures on the phone memory, on the device storage in the pictures folder. But pictures can be automatically stored in sd card if you change the settings. Anyway, if you didn’t set this up and you have been struggling with the full memory on the phone, the only thing to do is move pictures to sd card.

Unfortunately, not all types of phones have the exactly same process of transferring photos and files to sd card. So you need to learn how to move pictures to sd card for your specific type of phone. The difference is not huge and even though you don’t find the guide below that corresponds to your phone, the steps should be similar.


How to move pictures to sd card on Samsung Galaxy


Go to Apps and find the folder called My Files. From the options select want you want to move, in this case, images. Select the menu icon which looks like this=>

First tap on Edit and then tap on all pictures you want to move. The selected pictures would have the check mark. Again, tap on and then on Move. Finally, tap on sd card. If you have multiple folders in your sd card, select the preferred folder and tap Done (on some phones it is Move here).


How to move pictures to sd card by using usb cable


This is one of the easiest ways and it should work on all mobile devices. But you need a computer for this purpose and a usb cable. With that cable you will connect your phone to your PC or Mac.  In some cases, you will need to tap on the phone to choose the option different from Charge only. In other cases, the window will pop up automatically and you just need to open the main folder that leads to your phone content.  Internal storage of your phone and the sd card should be seen as two different folders. You simply need to copy pictures from the internal storage and paste them in the sd card folder.


Move pictures to sd card with file manager apps


There are many file manager apps that make this whole process of transferring files much easier. Some phones already have file managers installed by default. If your phone doesn’t have such app, you can visit the app store or Google play store and search for “file manager” app. Most of these file manager apps are free to use, and the steps are very simple. It usually comes down to choosing multi select option to mark multiple images and then tapping on Move option and finding SD Card as a “move to” option.


Moving pictures to sd cards (on mobile phones other than Samsung)


In generally, every smartphone has a similar icon for Settings option, in the shape of gear. Tap on it and find Device and Storage option. It is not always called like this, but usually Storage is mentioned. Find the internal storage option and tap on Images. If you want to move pictures taken by your camera, go to Camera folder. If you use Viber, Instagram, Facebook you probably have folders in those names, because all pictures saved from these apps are kept in separate folders. You can move pictures from these folders in the same way.

If you want to move all the pictures, you can either select the folder or tap on and then Select all. To select only specific pictures, tap on each picture once. The next step is to tap on Move to, on some devices it is known as Copy to, or simply Move. Now tap on your sd card and again on the specific folder in your sd card, where you want to move photos to. If you don’t have a folder, you can create it. Finally, tap on the button Copy/Move/Done, depending on the phone you use.

How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs

Many companies use brochures as promotional tools. With brochures you can present your products, or news, discounts in a very neat way and spread the word about your company. Brochures can be easily made in Microsoft Word or any other Word alternative. However, if you prefer to work online and collaborate with your colleagues via cloud, you can use Google Docs for the same purpose. Here is how to make a brochure on Google Docs.


Download a Brochure Template to Save Time


If you are not so skilled with brochures or simply in a hurry, you can choose one of the templates from the Template Gallery. Templates can also be edited and customized in a way you want.


So, let’s start by opening a Google Docs.


Go to the File menu, then New and From Template.

how to make a brochure on google docs


The Template gallery will open and you need to press CTRL and F on your keyboard to open a search box. Type the word brochure and press Enter on the keyboard. You will see all templates that are called brochures. Choose the one you like the most and click on it. The brochure will open in a new Google docs document.


The last step would be to remove the template text and write your own. You can even change images, fonts, or anything you want. Eventually, the brochure will be personalized and tweaked according to your needs.

How to Make a Brochure on Google Docs from Scratch

The first step in this case would also be the File menu, but instead if choosing a template, go to Page Setup.

how to make a brochure on google docs


In the Page Setup options, change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape and click OK.


The second thing to do is to click the Table menu and then Insert Table. 3×2 table would be big enough for the start. Again, click the Table menu to open Table Properties. In the column width and row height, type the values. For instance, select value 3 for the column width and value 6 for row height.


The final thing to do is to add content (text, graphics into table cells). The second column will be a back cover, while the last will be the front cover. Your document will be saved automatically and ready for printing.



How to Make a Double Sided Brochure in Google Docs


If you want to save paper you can put content on both sides of the paper. To have a double sided brochure, you just need to repeat the process explained above and copy paste the table.


So, first you insert a table with three columns for example and then copy and paste it, with the right click of the mouse.

Next, click on the Print button in the left top side of the screen. You will see the preview of your brochure.

Click on the Print Using System Dialog to open the Print dialog with additional options.

Click the Preferences button and select the Double-Sided Printing.


How to Scan a Document on Windows or a Mobile Device

When you deal with paper documents, it takes some time to send such documents to someone else. You should send a document by snail mail and the recipient will need to be patient to receive a paper. That can be a problem especially if it is a business matter and it’s urgent. The best solution is to scan a document. Not only will you be able to send a file promptly, but you will also be able to archive the file for later. If you know how to scan a document, you know how much time you can save.


Here we will explain how to scan a document on Windows and how to use one mobile app to scan a document with an Android device (mobile phone or tablet).

Scan Text Documents on Windows


To scan a document on Windows 7, first you need to check if your Scanner device is installed on your computer. To do so, go to Devices and Printers. If you have a Windows 10, just type in the left bottom search bar “Devices and Printers”.  


Make sure your text document is put face-down on the scanner.


For Windows 7: find All Programs in the Start menu and then click on Windows Fax and Scan.

For Windows 10: search for Windows Fax and Scan in the same way you searched for devices and printers options.


New Scan button opens the settings you can adjust to properly scan a document with an installed scanner. Apart from preview you can change the color of the text and the file type. It can be saved as JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP. When you are done with the settings, click Scan.


how to scan a document


You can use the Forward as Email button to forward scanned documents as an attachment.


Scan Image Documents On a Mobile Device

how to scan a document with a mobile



This free Android app can help you scan image documents with a mobile phone or tablet. You can simply take a photo of a document and add it to PDF Scanner. Here’s how to do it:


Open the app and tap on Take a photo or Select a photo if you already have a document on a mobile phone or tablet. The scanned document will preview and you can tap on the Crop button to make the document smaller and get rid of unnecessary parts of the document.


You need to be connected to the internet to use the app. All in all, if you don’t have a scanner at home or you have but you are not at home, you can rely on this mobile app. In a few steps take a photo of your document and the app will turn it to PDF. Your scanned PDF document will be ready for sending to the recipient and the whole process will be much quicker than the sending a document via snail mail.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

how to transfer photos from iphone to computer


Mobile phones have certainly replaced old cameras and now people use their phones to take photos. That is convenient because you don’t need to carry two devices, and you can have your photos at your fingertips, ready for publishing on social media or sending them to your family via Viber. But phones have their memory limits, so one day you simply have to get rid of some old photos to make room for new ones. 

Since computers have more memory than mobile phones, you should definitely consider storing your photos there. Clouds are another option, but every cloud storing tool also has the limit on the size and it can take hours to upload all those photos. That’s why it’s safer to choose a computer. So here is a detailed guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and have your photos available any time, even when you are offline.


There are different ways how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and here we will cover all of them. This guide is suitable for all versions of Windows.


Use AutoPlay to sync photos from iPhone to computer


The easiest way to transfer photos from your iPhone is to take u usb cable and connect the phone with a computer. The AutoPlay window will open and you will be able to transfer photos from camera roll to your computer. The only disadvantage of this solution is the fact you can only transfer photos from the camera roll. The steps differ from version to version, so here are three different ways:


For Windows 7: When AutoPlay shows up, you need to click on the option Import pictures and videos. Then select the location where you want to save photos on your computer, simply clicking on the Browse button. Finally, Import to and OK buttons will transfer your photos to a computer.


For Windows 8: the process is similar, start by connecting the cable and you will be asked if the application should be trusted, so you need to confirm that by choosing the Trust option. Select the option to access the PC and then click on Review, organise and group items to import. If you click Next, your photos will be saved to the default folder. If you want to specify the preferred location go to More options first and browse the location. Finally, when you click Next you will be able to select group of photos to import and to finalize the process click on the Import.


For Windows 10: transferring photos from iPhone to computer is similar to previous versions of Windows. You can only transfer photos you took with your phone camera. When you plug the cable, the Photos app will pop up, click on the Import option, select photos you want to sync with a computer and click Continue to finish the process.


Sync photos from iTunes directly


Again connect the usb cable with your computer and iphone. It is required to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer, so the system can recognize your phone and the iTunes account. Open the iTunes, click on the icon of the device, in this case a phone, and go to Photos. Click on the Sync Photos option, and you will see the options you can choose from: to copy all albums, or only selected ones, to include videos, to select only favourites. Click Apply and then Done.


Usually these settings are set up in a way your photos are automatically synced to your iCloud. In that case, download iCloud for Windows and next to Photos you will see Photos Options. Tick the option to download new photos and videos to your computer. Click Change if you want to change the location of the downloaded photos and when you finish, click Done.




How to Highlight in Google Docs

Many people like to color text in different colors when studying. In that way, certain parts of the learning subject are categorized by color and memorized easier. When you color text on the paper books you use a felt tip. There is a way to color text on digital documents and ebooks as well. Microsoft Word and Google Docs, the most popular word processing tools, have that option. Here we will show you how to highlight in Google Docs.


Google Docs is often used among teachers and students. It is convenient because it is cloud-based plus it is free. You can access documents on every computer or a mobile device as long as you are signed in to your gmail account.


Similar to Microsoft Word, you can make document changes such as numbering pages, changing margins, creating quizzes, highlighting and so on. Here is a detailed guide on how to highlight in Google Docs and colour text in different colours.


How to Highlight in Google Docs on a Computer



Text colour button looks like this:


how to highlight in google docs



Click on it and you will see two tabs: Text and Highlight.


highlight in google docs



  1. Select a part of the document (text) you want to colour. The easiest way to select text is with a left-single mouse click. Hold it and move in the direction where you want to highlight the text. If you are not sure how to do, check out this video.
  2. Now, click on the Text colour button and then on Highlight. Choose the colour you want.


If you want to remove the highlight, click on None. To choose different shades and colours, click on Custom, find the colour you want and click OK.


How to Highlight in Google Docs on Android/iPhone


The steps we explained above are a little bit different for mobile devices. So, to highlight in Google Docs on Android device, select the area of the text, and click on the letter A (next to the + sign). As for the selecting text, you need to use the tap of your fingers instead of a mouse click.


A menu will show up at the bottom. Tap on the Text and scroll down to find Highlight colour option. Choose the colour you want and tap on it.

Selecting text is easy, it is just a matter of practice. Maybe it is easier to select text with a mouse click on a computer than on a mobile, with a tap of your fingers. But when you learn both, you won’t have problems studying and highlighting text on the go. It will be the same practice as highlighting with a felt tip.