How to export passwords from your browser

When online, you are probably logging in to various online accounts, at which point your browser asks you if you want to save these passwords. Some of us do it, and some of us are skeptical about doing so. Having your browser save the password is not usually recommended due to privacy reasons. These passwords … Read more

Adobe PDF Reader Tips and Tricks

Adobe PDF Reader is the most widely used PDF reader, even though it has been criticized for its vulnerability, bulkiness and constant requests for updates. However, if you are a regular PDF users, there is a good chance you are using Adobe. We have already covered a couple of PDF tips and tricks in the … Read more

How to Create and Convert your Fonts?

Microsoft Windows comes with its own predetermined fonts that you can choose from when you are using its programs – most notably word processing programs like Microsoft Word. But there are many more creative, interesting and beautiful fonts out there that do not come with Windows. You can use these fonts to make your writing … Read more