Why you should convert your resume to PDF?

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1) Preserved Layout

When you send your resume as a PDF, you can be sure that your layout and all the little tweaks you have made to it will be preserved. Sending a PDF is a better option than sending an MS Office document, because the people looking at your resume could all have different versions of MS office, which means that each of these people will see your resume differently. Things get even more complicated if you create your resume using Open Office, Libre Office, Google Docs or some other non-Windows tool.
PDF is your best bet in order to ensure that these potential employers will be seeing your resume the way you intended it to be seen. You can also easily make sure that your PDF cannot be edited by anyone else. It has been reported that some recruitment agencies input their logos or other information in people’s resume. With PDF this will not happen.

2) PDF is visible on every computer

By using PDF, you don’t have to worry about whether your potential employer or recruiter uses a Mac or Linux operating system. All operating systems can open a PDF and it will look just like it does on your computer.

3) Show off your skills

If your potential job involves creativity and good design and presentation skills, a PDF is the perfect tool for showing off these skills. You can include images, different text styles and illustrations to make your resume unique and eye-catching. You will have many more options than you do when using MS Word, which is pretty limited as far as image and design manipulations go.

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Best Free Tools for Checking Grammar and Spelling Online

Grammar and spelling mistakes happen even to the best of us. That is why it is always recommended to scan and double-check your texts for possible errors. Using software tools can be very helpful because they reduce time spent on checking your work and increase your chances of catching the mistakes. The software will also pick up mistakes that you might have overlooked when editing your writing.
Here are the three best online tools that can help you hunt down and fix the grammar and spelling errors in your writing.

1) PaperRater

PaperRater is a great free online tool that can help you find and edit spelling and grammar errors. When using it, first, you need to select the education level of the writer and what type of paper you are writing. There is also an additional functionality of plagiarism detection which can be very helpful for teachers reviewing their students’ assignments.

2) SpellCheckPlus

Spellcheckplus is a very advanced tool for checking grammar. It can help you detect grammar errors which are really hard to spot. One, shortcoming is that the maximum text size for the tool is 2,000 words. Therefore, if you have written a longer article or paper, you are going to have to paste your text into the box and check it slowly, 2,000 words at a time.

3) AftertheDeadline

After the Deadline is an easy-to-use tool that can spot spelling and grammar errors and give style suggestions as well. It is available as both a Firefox and Chrome add-on, and also as an OpenOffice extension.

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3 tools to help you enrich your Youtube experience

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Consequently, there are numerous tools around with the aim of helping us get the best use out of it. I have selected three of them, which are extremely popular with YouTube lovers, and which, I feel, haven’t been mentioned enough.

1) Listnplay

Listnplay is an easy to use free online service for discovering and playing music and videos. Just type in the search box name of your favorite artists, song or music genre you want to listen. Then drag the videos you want to listen to the middle screen and create a playlist. You can change, share, and make a new playlist anytime. Also you can search for another user’s playlists. Recommendation from other users in the bottom left corner can help you discover new and interesting music videos.

2) Jdownloader


Jdownloader is a free OpenSource download tool. There are many different YouTube downloaders around, but this one stands out for a couple of reasons. It allows users to choose between different download formats (.mp3, .mp4, .flv and .webm) and it also supports downloading of multiple URLs at the same time. You don’t have wait and download videos one by one like you do with other services. Copy URLs, past them into Jdownloader, click Parse, and it will download them all together. Also, it is possible to pause downloads and continue with them later.

3) Captiontube


Captiontube allows you to create subtitles for YouTube videos in the appropriate format. Sign into the service with your gmail account, add a video URL, and you can start creating subtitles. After you finish, you can download them or you can import them into your YouTube videos. Unfortunately, you can only add subtitles to videos you have uploaded yourself. So if the video you want to add subtitles to isn’t yours, contact the owner and ask for permission to add them in before you do so.

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The Best Word Processing Alternatives to Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is easily the most popular word processing program today, and many rely on it daily. However, it’s good to know that when you are away from your personal computer and need an adequate word processing application that you do have plenty of options. Whether you prefer working with a downloadable application that allows you to write and save your work locally on your computer, or you want an online application that will allow you to save your files on the Internet, there are excellent options that you can look into. While many do prefer working locally, there are those of us that travel a lot and would actually prefer to have all of their work available online instead of having to rely on a single computer.

No matter what your needs are, there are free word processor applications available that will be able to successfully replace Microsoft Word for you, and allow you to get your writing done, not matter where you are. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Desktop Products similar to Microsoft Word


1. OpenOffice Writer 

OpenOffice is one of the most famous MS Office alternatives. It has lot’s of advanced features like built-in PDF  creation, drawing tools and more. Cometdocs supports conversion of PDF documents into their ODF format.

2. LiberOffice Writer

LiberOffice Writer is a full-featured word processing  tool. It is an opensource tool, and completely free.

3. AbiWord

The greatest advantage of AbiWord is that it is very light, so you won’t need a very new or fast computer to run it effectively – it can work on just about any machine. It can be used with just about any platform and its files are compatible with most other word processors.

4. PolyEdit

A very powerful and easy-to-use word processor and text editor for Windows that offers many features, tools and add-ons. It is compact, fast, secure and MS Word compatible as well. You can use it as an HTML and source code editor as well.

5. Jarte

It is based on WordPad, so it is very simple to use, but it offers many more features than this most remedial of word processing program. It was purposely designed to be perfect for people who are working on netbooks and small screens and it can also be run from a flash drive, making it the definition of portable.

6. YWriter

This is an application that is specifically designed for novelists and people who are writing books on the go. The way it allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas shows that it was specifically designed with the novelist in mind.

Online Applications to create and edit Word Documents 

1. GoogleDocs

Easily the most popular online application for creating online documents, GoogleDocs is much more than a word processor. As a word processer, it is very fast and has most of the same features you would find in most desktop word processing applications. The best thing about GoogleDocs is that it makes sharing files with coworkers a breeze and allows you to have all of your documents neatly organized and at your fingertips no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access.

2. Zoho

Zoho is just as advanced as GoogleDocs, if not more so. It is perfect for businesspeople who travel a lot, because it not only gives you word processing capabilities, but also a full set of so-called productivity applications online, such as a calendar, spreadsheets, planners, chats, discussions, email options and much more.

3. Microsoft Office Web Apps

Brought to you by Microsoft, these web applications are linked to your Windows Live account. This enables you to not only get work done on Microsoft’s own web versions of their programs, but you can also share and store all of your work through their SkyDrive online cloud storage service.

4. ThinkFree

This online application is completely java-based and is compatible with just about every Microsoft Office file type, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It has an added feature for converting all of your documents to PDF, which is a nice bonus that gives you even more options for sharing your work with others while you are away from home.

5. INetWord

This fully functional online editor gives you just about the same options as most of the other ones mentioned, but is not as advanced. However, the simplicity and lack of added features makes it a lot easier to use for some people, especially those who only need a fast and simple online word processor.

6. Adobe Buzzword

Visually, this might be the best and most elegant online word processor, but it is not as fast or powerful as Google Docs or Zoho. The biggest downfall of the online application is that it is completely Flash-based, which makes it considerably slower to use. If you are someone who really appreciates a good looking site, excellent graphics and very classy and elegant typography options, then this might by the word process for you.

8. LiveDocuments

This site makes it clear right from the start who they are emulating. Their selling point at the top of the site claims that you will be able to create documents as if you are using Microsoft Office and share them as if you are using GoogleDocs. It makes good on these promises and is especially good for collaborative projects and sharing documents online with others.

9. Shutterborg

A simple and free word processor, but that’s all it offers, word processing. If that’s all you need, it really does the job well, since it lets you get all of your work done in your web browser and lets you either save it to your computer or share it with others. It’s not very advanced, but it gets the job done.

8 Sites For Creating Free Animated Graphs

If you are someone who needs to make graphs and charts very often in your line of work, here’s something that can spice them up a bit. Instead of going with the average diagrams that you have been using for years, why not add a little flavor and variety with some animated graphs? Here are eight great sites that will allow you to make free animated graphs that will jump off the screen when you present them and hopefully impress your bosses, coworkers and clients alike.

1. Swiff Chart

This is a great site for making eye-popping animated charts. It is a pay site, but the trial version will allow you to use the tool for free and make some excellent charts for your coming presentations. If you like it a lot and want to use it all the time, the paid version is well worth it as well.

2. XML/SWF Charts


This tool is completely free. The way it works is that you create an XML source to describe the chart and then pass it along to the tool’s Flash file, which generates an animated chart according to the specifications you have given in the XML file – providing both data flexibility through XML and excellent graphic quality through Flash.

3. Fusion Charts

You can also use the free demo trial for a lot of things on this site and create a bunch of animated charts before the trial expires. This is one of the most advanced animated graph charts with plenty of options in the free trial version and many more if you pay for the real thing.

4. AmiChart

Use this powerful and easy-to-use tool to create excellent animated column, line and pie graphs for a free trial period of 15 days.

5. Rich Chart Live

Just download this free chart building desktop tool and it will provide you with a simple way to create very attractive animated charts for your presentation.

6. amCharts

This software is completely free – the only downside is that a very small link to their site will be displayed on the chart. It can generate animated Flash charts and requires Flash Player 8 or higher.

7. CoPlot

Download the free trial version of this tool and start making animated graphs. This tool is especially good for when you want to present large data sets and data that changes over time.

8. Open Flash Chart

This is an open source project that creates animate charts, pies, line bars and other types of diagrams using Flash. It will also leave a small link to the site when you use it, but it is completely free of charge and very versatile.