Essential Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone

thanksgiving apps

Most people are in high spirits when it comes to holidays because of family reunions, nice atmosphere in downtown and non-working days. At the same time, holidays usually require serious preparations and great time management skills. Looking forward to the holiday can easily become a nightmare if you are a hostess and you are expecting cousins and relatives to come over your place and spend holidays in your home.

Thanksgiving is around the corner so the question arises, have you prepared everything? With all regular daily activities, it’s hard to keep track of everything and it wouldn’t hurt if you turn to some help. Luckily, there are tons of iPhone apps that are specially made for Thanksgiving and here we have listed those that cover all aspects of Thanksgiving.


Decorate your home

One more holiday thing that we all fancy are home decorations, they give a new and glamorous look to a house and you don’t need to wait for Christmas to decorate your home. Home Decoration Ideas is a brand-new app that provides you with a wide range of Thanksgiving pictures that will give you inspirations on how to embellish your home.


Meal preparation


Big Oven app will help you find all the Thanksgiving recipes you need, from starters to main dishes and Thanksgiving desserts. On the top of that, once you choose the recipe all ingredients necessary for that dish will be automatically added to your grocery list. You can easily swipe and remove the ingredients you have and save only those you need to buy. If you count on help of your family members, create a shared grocery list and ask them to help you with groceries supply.


What to drink?


You don’t need an app to decide what beer or juice you will buy, but choosing wine is a demanding task. Not all types of wine go with every food, so don’t forget to consult this little wine helper and find the most appropriate wine for your Thanksgiving dinner.


At the table

While sitting around the Thanksgiving table with your family, sipping wine and enjoying all these delicious Thanksgiving dishes, there probably will arise some family matters or provoking questions that are rather not to be answered. Use some of the Thanksgiving jokes to break the ice and change the conversation in another direction.


Send greeting cards to your friends


Be original and make your own customized card with Thanksgiving day greeting cards app. No matter how busy you are with hosting your guests, don’t forget about those who are not with you and surprise them with a greeting card.


Time to chill out


If you are bored and just not into family conversations, hide somewhere in the corner and chill out while playing Thanksgiving game on your iPhone. Select one of the four turkeys available and collect coins while running through the Thanksgiving village. It would be a matter of time when other family members will join you for a race.


If you are not staying at home


If you don’t want to spend time on cooking, home decorations and cleaning after your guests, chances are you will choose to eat out. Since working hours are often different during the holidays, make sure your favourite restaurant is opened. Whether you will spend Thanksgiving in a local restaurant or in a totally other town or country, try this app out and a get last-minute reservation instantly.


Bonus Thanksgiving app


It’s morning after and you are satisfied how Thanksgiving preparation went smoothly. Don’t forget to save Thanksgiving recipes and DIY ideas you used so next year you have even less work to do. And not just that, share the Thanksgiving ideas and tips with your friends and let them host next dinner instead of you!

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How to Go Paperless with Your Smartphone


Most smartphone users are not aware of what they can do with their smartphones and tablets. Apart from using your iPhone for Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook you can also use it for more productivity-related activities. In the digital era, it’s a pity you don’t contribute to saving environment and go paperless. On the top of that, not only will you contribute to saving the environment but you will also save time and complete daily tasks more efficiently.

Track your expenses

No matter how old are you and what is your job occupation, you certainly have to be responsible when it comes to money management and to track your expenses. The best way to do that is to scan receipts and store them somewhere in your phone or a computer. With Image to Excel app you can even convert the image of a receipt to Excel and organize your spendings more neatly. Once you download the app from itunes or google play store or a and open it, just open the Gallery or take a photo directly. The image of a receipt will be converted to Excel and you will need to open it in any Excel viewer to edit the converted document.

Save time on retyping

Next time you want to save a recipe, no need to retype the whole recipe from scratch when you can snap a photo of it and even convert it to Word for further editing. You can capture any kind of a paper document and get a digital and editable form of it. In situations when you need to save the information from a cork-board, don’t think of retyping any more.

Send a Fax with Your Phone

Fax machines are a matter of the past- clean your office space and use your smartphone to capture a document you want to fax, edit it with Image to Word app and then send it over via email. No matter where you are, you can always stay productive and organized if you take advantage of your iPhone or a smartphone.

There are probably even more situations and examples of saving the environment by going paperless. We would like to hear them all, so don’t hesitate and contribute with the examples by leaving a comment below.

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How to free up storage space on iOS devices

free up storage space on iOS devices

Are you a digital nomad?


Imagine going on a trip to a breathtaking destination and realizing that your iPhone has run out of space so you cannot store your travel photos. Your first reaction to this frustrating situation may be to uninstall apps and delete previous photos, but there are more efficient methods of freeing up storage space in your iOS devices.


Managing iOS Storage Space


When you make your travel planning checklist, remember to check how your storage situation looks for your iPad or iPhone prior to your departure. You can accomplish this by tapping Settings, followed by General and Storage.

Pay attention to the top two metrics, which reflect local Storage: Used and Available. The bottom figures reflect iCloud storage, which will come in handy later. For now, you should tap on Manage Storage and look at the installed apps and the space they occupy. If you can connect your iPhone or iPad to a desktop or laptop running iTunes, you can click on Settings to view your storage situation.


Moving Files to the Cloud


If your iCloud available storage quota shows a good amount of free space, you may want to activate the option to store your Camera Rolls here by tapping on Settings, iCloud, Photos, and finally Optimize iPhone Storage. By doing this, your pictures and videos you made on the road will be reduced in terms of file size locally and sent to iCloud in full resolution.

You may also wish to use another cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Photos. If you have time to purchase a subscription before your trip, install the cloud storage app and activate the option make an immediate backup of all files and delete local files. If you use your iPhone or iPad for work, you may have lots of documents taking up storage; in this case, you can install a dedicated cloud app such as CometDocs.

free up storage space on iphone

Deleting Old Messages


Most iOS versions store text and multimedia messages indefinitely. You can override this feature by tapping Settings, Messages, and Keep Messages. Choose the option to store them for 30 days to delete the backlog.

Managing Offline Data

Whilst traveling it is not always sure to have reliable WiFi and mobile data plans but as long as you can enjoy some, you may want to disable the offline podcast and reading list option in Safari.

Clearing the Browser Cache

Safari is known to be a hog in terms of caching items for improving browsing experience. Clearing this cache is easy; tap Settings, Safari and Clear History and Website Data.


Resetting the Device

If you do not usually reset your iPhone or iPad, doing so could free up quite a few megabytes of RAM and iOS cache. You can do this by pressing down on the power and home buttons simultaneously for longer than 10 seconds. Once you see the Apple logo on the touchscreen, you will know that your device will reset.

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How to edit screenshots on iPad

Smartphone and tablet users probably know the perks of using a screenshot. It is a simple way to capture a piece of information that you need to forward to someone or to keep it for yourself. When using various applications, it may often happen that some technical issues arise and you need to contact tech support. That’s when screenshots come in handy. Then, when you want to forward your texting communication to the third person,  it takes less time just to snap a screen to save messages and not to copy and paste them. Next time when you get a high score in a game you play, don’t forget to take a screenshot as well.


Taking screenshots cannot be easier, just press and hold the Sleep button on the top or side of your iPad device and then press the Home button. Screenshots are automatically saved in Photos, Albums, in Camera Roll folder with other photos. However, there will be times when you will need to edit a screenshot. For instance, you took a screenshot of some email communication but you don’t want to disclose all the info. In such situations you should use an app that can edit screenshots directly or at least turn them from image file formats to Word or any other editable format.


If you need to edit images in .docx format, there is an app for that- Image to Word. Image to Word converter is a mobile app that works with iPhones and iPads. This mobile app converts image file formats, even screenshots into an editable Word document. In order to edit a screenshot on iPad, you will need Image to Word and any app that views and edits .docx files, such as Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Office Suite etc.

edit screenshots


The first step is to open the app and to access your Photos folder to choose a screenshot you wish to edit. As soon as you have chosen the right screenshot, conversion will start. When the image (screenshot) is converted to .docx, the conversion result will show up within the app.


To edit a converted file, tap on the file and then on the Share button. Choose an appropriate application from the Open in menu, such as Microsoft Word and start editing a screenshot.


Image to Word app works with all types of image file formats so you don’t need to worry what format is your screenshot. When you upload a screenshot for conversion, it is sent to the conversion servers and nothing is done on your phone. In other words, you will transform your image screenshot into an editable .docx file without draining your battery.


Next time you want to send a screenshot to someone, remember that you can edit it as well and change parts of the screenshot you don’t want to be seen.

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iPhone Apps for Millennials

iphone apps for millennials


87% of millennials never separate themselves from mobile devices, mainly smartphones. According to the app usage statistics from 2015, the app that millennials use the most is Facebook. If you are a millennial on the lookout for some fresh apps or you just want to be trendy as millennials, check out these iPhone apps for different occasions:

Investing Apps

Stash Invest teaches you how to invest and to develop smart habits in trading. There are 30 investment themes to choose from and build your own portfolio. Stash secures your bank account and prevents unauthorised bank account access. It is free the first three months and after that there is a flat one-dollar charge.

Robinhood is an app perfect for every millennial interested in investment. With this app you can buy and sell stocks for free, no trading charges are included. You can track the stock market in real-time, and have up-to-date info on stock quotes.

Finance Apps

Image to Excel behaves like a scanner app that take photos of your paper documents and transform them into editable. xslx format. It can be very handy when you want to reuse your old invoices or other financial documents. What’s more it also converts screenshots and regular image files to Excel.

Venmo is a personal finance app and debt manager. It takes care of your personal debts and prevent you from losing track of your cash flow. It is very convenient for college students to make sure you know when is your turn to buy dinner to your friends.

Productivity Apps

SwiftKey Keyboard is a time-saving app especially for those millennials who text a lot. Believe it or not, the app learns your writing style and predicts the text you write. Not only can it edit your typos but it also makes your typing hassle-free. It shows the predicted text and emoticons so you don’t need to type the whole sentences.

Cut Paste Photos Pro is an app for image editing. You can cut parts of different images and merge them into one. It saves newly edited images to your Camera Roll. This app has some necessary editing options such as rotating, cropping, flipping, scaling, duplicating.

Travelling Apps

Hoper – Airfare Predictions is a flight analyser and adviser that gives you tips on flight prices and actually predicts the price changes. This app is convenient for every travel junkie and especially for young millennials who have a tight budget. No matter if you travel for work or leisure, by using Hoper you will know what is the best time to buy an air-plane ticket. is an offline map viewer that also gives directions and it navigates you even when you are not online. It works almost everywhere on the globe and what is most important you don’t get charged when you are in roaming. Maps are of small size so you don’t need to worry about your phone memory. In addition to that, the app offers millions of points of interest so you can search for gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, and more.

Unordinary Apps

Castro – Play and Share Podcasts is an ideal app for broadcast enthusiasts. If you like listening to informational podcasts and news, you will never miss a podcast again. The app sends you all the podcast shows directly into your inbox and on the top of that, you can add the podcasts you like in a queue and save them for later listening.

Timehop is your trip down memory lane. It works similarly as Facebook option to share memories but this app pulls out the photos from all the apps you are logged into. Apart from Facebook photos. It also grabs your photos from Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and your iPhone. So every single day, the app shows you some of your old photos and makes you remember all these important things you might forget in these hectic days.


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