Perform OCR on Scanned Documents on iPad or iPhone

We have already written about what OCR is and why it is needed. Basically, in order to edit scanned documents, they have to be converted by implementing OCR technology. There are plenty of tools that can do that, but not all of them are precise, because developing the highest quality optical recognition technology is not easy.

That is why the conversion of scanned documents with Cometdocs is reserved for premium users, but if you want to convert documents for free, we suggest using our mobile apps:

1) OCR Scanned PDF to Word

convert pdf to word ipad iphone

If you want to convert your PDF to Word format, you can use a specialized iOS app which does exactly that. It supports all types of scanned PDFs, and the recognition of regular images and text is very accurate.

2) OCR PDF to Excel

Scanned tables are always problematic. Even if the table is small, it can take ages to retype it manually. This app can do it in a second, and it supports all types of PDFs, scanned and native ones. Recognition of rows and columns is accurate, so you can start editing your spreadsheet right after the conversion.

3) OCR PDF to PowerPoint

ipad iphone convert scanned documents

This app is pretty unique. It converts scanned and regular PDF presentations to PowerPoint format. The recognition of images which shouldn’t be converted into text is better than average. Slides are extracted exactly like they look in the original document.

4) OCR PDF to plain text (txt)

Sometimes all we need is a plain text, no images or formatting. The reason for that is that there are some specific software which work only with text. Install this app, open your PDF in it, and the conversion will start automatically.

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