The Best Blogs and YouTube Channels for Learning MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful software solutions for manipulating, analyzing, calculating and presenting data. Its power lies in the fact that you can basically turn raw data into powerful information using one of the many available Excel functions, visualization tools, and options for data manipulation and calculation. In short, we can perform a variety of functions with data in Excel and use it to make important business decisions.

A lot of important decisions in business are made based on information found on Excel charts and tables.  We can confidently say that Excel is an industry leader in spreadsheet analysis. It is used for calculating budgets, creating reports, presenting charts and diagrams, managing projects, calculating mortgage and much, much more.

However, one downside is that Excel is pretty complex tool and you will probably need month to learn how to start using it professionally. It applications are so plentiful and complex that no matter how good you are at Excel, there is also room to get better and always something new to learn.

If you don’t have the money for Excel tutorials in the form of books, lecture or courses, there are some resources for learning Excel that can be used for free. Here is a fairly extensive list of some of the best Excel blogs and YouTube channels you can follow to learn more about this amazing software.

YouTube Channels

Sometimes the best way to learn and understand something is to see an example being performed in front of you. That is why videos are such a powerful tool for learning something new. That is why we suggest that you head to YouTube and search to find videos demonstrating Excel functions that you might not necessarily understand completely. The chances that you will find what you are looking for are pretty good.  You can also use YouTube to discover the underbelly of Excel and uncover tricks and hacks that might not even be taught in official Excel books and tutorials.

These are the best YouTube channels for learning about Excel:

1. Microsoft Excel Training

This is a newer channel where you can find more than 190 Excel tutorials. Most of the videos are not basic but contain lots of interesting implementations of advanced Excel features.

2. Learn About Excel

This channel contains both basic and advanced tutorials, but most of them are just for Excel 2007.

3. Contexture Excel Tutorial

This channel is regularly updated and contains tutorials that are explained in very simple terms for users that are just starting out with any version of Excel.

4. Learn Excel with MrExcel

Here is a very comprehensive collection of Excel video tutorials for both beginners and the advance.

5. ExcellsFun

You can find a large collection of Excel tricks and hacks at this channel.

6. ExcelTvShow

Excel TV Show is an excellent Excel video resource which gets updated regularly, and there are new tricks to learn in each video.

7. ExcelTutorials

This channel is accompanying a blog on a similar topic, and is led by a field expert, so it is definitely worth checking out.

8. Exploring Excel

Exploring Excel is a comprehensive collection. There is a little bit for everyone, both advanced and beginner users.

Blogs and Websites for learning Excel

If you have a specific problem with Excel, you can post questions on the official Microsoft Excel forum. However, if you want to learn new stuff for free, the best way to do it is to follow blogs.

Blogs provide a great way for learning about Excel because they are updated regularly and allow readers and authors to interact better than static websites. Here is a list of some of the best blogs for learning Excel. Some of them are for advanced users, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand a thing.  Dig deeper to find more basic articles and tips. There is useful information for everyone.

1. Chandoo

The Chandoo website contains lots of tutorials for learning Excel.  There are tutorials for both beginners and advanced users. Also, there is a forum where users can ask and answer Excel related questions.

2. Contextures

This website is a great resource for everyone learning Excel. In the tips section, you can find tips about almost any aspect of Excel. There is also a section with useful templates and an interesting blog which is regularly updated with new features and tutorials.

3. Bacon Bits

At this blog, you can find really good tutorials, but most of them will probably be more suitable for advanced users.

4. Daily Dose of Excel

This blog is regularly updated and suitable for users of all levels.

5. Excelexperts

When you get to this website, at first you might be confused because of you are seeing many different sections, but once you spend some time here, you will be able to navigate easily through the many tutorials and tips that the blog has to offer.

6. Excel Easy

Excel Easy is an excellent website which allows you to learn even advanced Excel topics in an easy way. The website contains more than 300 examples on using Excel. Each example comes with a practice book in .xls format which can be downloaded on your computer. It definitely makes learning Excel easy.

7. Get Digital Help

This website is pretty comprehensive. It offers a variety of simply explained tutorials and templates.

8. Excel Charts

This blog talks about Excel from the aspect of data visualization.

9. Methods in Excel

Useful tips for advanced Excel students are offered here.

10. Microsoft Excel blog

This blog has Excel tips offered directly by the Microsoft Team. This site is designed with beginners in mind for the most part.

11. MrExcel

MrExcel is probably one of the most comprehensive resources for learning Excel on the web.

12. Newton Excel Bach

This Excel blog is specially designed for engineers and scientists or students of both engineering and science.

13. Peltier Tech

Here is an exceptionally detailed blog with tons of resources for all types of Excel users, from beginners to programmers.

14. Spreadsheet Page

Spreadsheet Page offers a large numbers of tips and good advice for Excel users, as well as numerous other resources and free add-ons.

15. Ozgrid

There are plenty of freebies for Excel earners at this blog, such as add-ons, templates, training, macros and much more.

16. Pearson Excel

As you can see, there are plenty of tutorials for Excel formulas, tables and more here.

17. Excel Exposure

Excel Exposure is part of the class curriculum taught at Reddit University, so you know it has a lot of excellent tips and tutorials.

18. Excel Theatre

This website is not actually a tutorial blog, but it offers a collection of the most interesting tweets on the topic of Excel. If you are having a hard time learning complicated formulas and tables, this website will certainly make you feel better, because you’ll realize that you are not alone.

19. Reddit Excel Community

Since Reddit is full of helpful people, you can join their subreddit for the discussion of Excel problems.

20. Excel Spreadsheets

Finally, this website offers lot of free templates which can be of a great help.

21. Office Application Development and Tutorials

Useful Excel guides for advanced users. Learn more about formulas, macros and addins.