The Best Places to Learn VBA Online

Your knowledge of Microsoft Excel is not complete until you’ve learned the VBA language. Knowing VBA can help you automate repetitive tasks easily. Furthermore, if you know how to code, you’ll be able to spend only an hour or less on things that you previously needed a whole day to do them manually. That is why the knowledge of VBA can be very useful in the business environment.

It is important to bear in mind that one can’t learn it simply by reading tutorials on the Internet. A lot of the learning process happens through practice: recording macros, reviewing code and creating and solving minor problems.

microsoft visual basic for applications

In order to help you with that, we have created a list of the best websites to use to really learn VBA.

1) Free VBA MOOC

This course is appropriate and useful for beginners. It helps you learn the most important concepts in VBA programming.

2) VBA on StackOverflow

StackOverflow has a special section dedicated to VBA, where you can post your own problems, follow questions and dilemmas by other users and also engage in helpful discussions.

3) VBAisFun

This excellent Youtube channel is a stop you shouldn’t miss in your learning. Many complex problems are explained here step by step. Kudos to the guy who created it.

4) Reddit VBA community

A subreddit dedicated solely to VBA problems and solutions. You can find a lot of useful advice by going over past threads.

5) Learn VBA programming

This is another useful Youtube channel where both basic and more advanced topics are covered.

6) Homeandlearn

This website features nicely explained VBA tutorials and useful pieces of code.

7) Excel Pratique

This is yet another useful website with downloadable exercise spreadsheets.

8) Chandoo VBA

A set of very nicely explained tutorials.