Useful Android apps for AutoCAD users

AutoCAD is the leading 2D and 3D professional design software product on the market.  It is used every day by millions of architects, CAD technicians, designers, engineers, project managers, and CAD/IT managers around the world. However, many of these industries require that you work outside and on the field, which makes it necessary to be able to take this software on the road with you in these situations. Smart phones have enabled professionals to do just that, and now instead of fumbling about with paper plans and projects, you can simply view the project on your phone.

Of course, there are no AutoCAD smartphones apps that can replace the real software, but there are some excellent apps available for Android-based phones that can be very useful for AutoCAD users working outside of the office.

1. AutoCAD WS

This is probably the best, and certainly the most popular Android app for AutoCAD users. This app allows you a great deal of independence and versatility. It allows you to bring your own DWG documents with you and directly edit them from the field or site. It also supports the viewing of 3D drawings on your smartphone as well.

2. Droid 2 CAD

droid 2 cad

This app allows you to capture geographic co-ordinates directly while at the site and it is integrated with Google Maps, which gives you excellent access to pictures of the terrain and the geographical location you are working with.

3. Frame design 2D

frame design

This is a handy app for 2D drawings and design.  It allows you to analyze many important factors, including force distribution, deflections and tension within your 2D drawings.

4. Inard


This app allows you to create CAD drawings very simply and effectively while you are on the go. You can then export them, share them or save them for later viewing.