What to Do When a CSV File Can’t Fit into Excel?

Microsoft Excel has a limit on the number of rows it supports.  The limit is 1,048,576 rows or 16,384 columns. If you are trying to open a csv file that contains an exceeding number of rows or columns in Excel, the software will send a notification that the file is not loaded completely. Understandingly, that is not what we need; we need to open the whole file.

What to do in such cases?

file not loaded completely

The solution for the file in csv format is to split it into multiple parts. Simply download the Free Huge CSV Splitter software which is compatible with all platforms.

The tool is pretty simple to use. Open it and enter a desired line count in your CSV file. You can enter up to 1 000 000 lines. Choose the desired file and click OK.

csv file

The splitting will take only a couple of minutes, after which you can open all parts without a problem.